Jeff Williams: Apple CEO material

“One thing became abundantly clear after analyzing Apple’s recent earnings report: Jeff Williams is doing a phenomenal job,” Neil Cybart writes for Above Avalon.

“As senior vice president of Operations, Williams is tasked with making sure the Apple machine is well-oiled and in tip-top shape, not only capable of producing more than 100 million iOS devices in a quarter, but building flexibility into the system to handle annual hardware updates that would make most hardware companies quiver with fear,” Cybart writes. “I considered Jeff Williams as Tim Cook’s successor before Cook finished his first day as CEO, and I feel even more confident about that today. Regardless of what the future brings, people need to start watching Jeff Williams because he is executing at levels that few are able to achieve.”

Apple's Jeff Williams
Apple’s Jeff Williams
“I don’t think there are many people that would object to the notion that Jeff Williams is CEO material,” Cybart writes. “From being able to work through problems to motivating others, there probably aren’t many hardware companies that would pass up the opportunity to be led by Williams.”

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  1. I like Tim Cook has been doing for Apple for over a decade. But I still hope one day Elon Musk becomes Apple’s CEO. With his vision, drive and Apple’s cash and infrastructure I wonder what he could accomplish.

    1. Why? Asking Elon to be CEO of Apple would be like asking Steve Jobs to be CEO of Google (as Brin/Page had suggested when told they too needed “mature” leadership before choosing Schmidt).

      Both Jobs and Musk have found their own special place to make a dent in the universe (Musk’s being a little bit further from Earth than Jobs’). Their companies completely encapsulate their different visions of the future, and putting one in place of the other would be a disaster. (Imagine if Jobs had actually gone into politics after being booted out of Apple the first time).

    2. I’m a huge fan of Elon, but don’t want him to divert his attention from SpaceX and Tesla. Both leading companies in their fields and one will get us to Mars and maybe the stars.

  2. I wasn’t aware of Jeff Williams by name, but it is obvious that the machine called Apple is firing on all cylinders. I would like to thank Jeff and all of the rest of this great team who are absolutely nailing it! THANK YOU, GREAT JOB. I’m glad some of you are starting to get the recognition that you deserve.

    1. Firing on all cylinders? Continuing WiFi problems in Yosemite, downgraded Mac Minis, more and more non-upgradable RAM, Jony Ive doing disgusting things to software interfaces, long standing iTunes bugs going unfixed. iPhones so thin that camera lenses are no longer flush and bodies bend.

      It’s not all bad, the Retina Macs are gorgeous, the larger phones are welcomed and the Apple Watch has potential, but corners are being cut where they shouldn’t be and it will eventually cause problems.

      Management may be doing a good job at making money, but it’s at the cost of upgradability and the alienation of certain demographics.

      1. I’ve never had a bent iPhone. And plenty of other phones ojnthe market have camera bulges. With over 74M phones sold obviously the first was not a widespread issue and the second nobody cared enough about to not buy an iPhone. As far as the other stuff, that’s software which is not part of Williams responsibility.

        1. I’ve never had a bent iPhone either, but some people have and a different choice of aluminum alloy would have been enough to prevent this problem. Many people are thrilled about the battery life of the 6+, would a few mm of thickness to add a larger battery, have the camera lens flush and strengthen the case really turn off buyers?

          I’m not blaming anyone but Cook. He let the current situation develop and while Apple is making more money, they’re making a lot of existing users unhappy, which in the long run is not a good thing.

  3. Jeff Williams is a similar age to Tim Cook. Barring unforeseen circumstances, Williams is very unlikely to take over from Cook. Cook’s replacement is likely to be somebody around a generation younger.

    When the time comes for Cook’s successor to be appointed, that person would most likely not have been considered likely for that job in 2015.

  4. What about Meg Whitman as CEO? Or Lance Armstrong? New blood will save Apple!

    Tim Cook is doing fine, but I hope he doesn’t agree to China demands for computer back doors. If he does, the American agencies will all expect the same.

  5. Operations vs. vision. Keep your eye
    On Angela Ahrendts. If you go back and research who and what she is and has been, she’s much more like a Steve Jobs than anyone. Her eye is on not just fulfilling today’s promise, but the promise of tomorrow as well. Very future forward thinking, and lots of style.

    I suspect that she is being groomed for that position.

    1. Potentially!…
      Its the merger of many traits and talents … vision, intelect, intuition organizational skills, people skills and the leadership charisma ! Among many other things.

      If u have not seen this i think u will enjoy it…

  6. Id like to see some kind of joint venture between Musk and Apple!
    Beyond putting car play in tesla !

    But Tim is da Man for Apple !
    Jeff Williams a master at what he does !

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