Large crowd gathers for Apple Store grand opening in Hangzhou, China

“Apple opened the doors to its new West Lake Apple Store in China on Saturday, letting throngs of eager customers into one of the company’s largest retail outlets in Asia,” AppleInsider reports.

“As promised earlier this week, Apple officially started sales at the West Lake Apple Store in Hangzhou, the first of five Chinese outlets to slated to open ahead of the Chinese New Year on Feb. 19,” AppleInsider reports. “The grand opening was celebrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who posted a rare tweet to mark the occasion.”

“Last week, Apple SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts revealed plans to open five Chinese stores before the Chinese New Year, the first being West Lake,” AppleInsider reports. “Ahrendts’ announcement is in line with Apple’s lofty goal of opening 25 retail locations in China by the end of 2016.”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.


  1. Can there be any doubt that Apple considers China it’s #2 market opportunity and that Angela Ahrendts was brought on to lead both that effort and the Apple Watch effort?

  2. Don’t think China is the U.S. though. There’s a vastly different mindset over there. They have yet to acclimate to the Western idea of worth I can attest. I am astonished so many can apparently afford Apple devices. Certainly the more well-healed citizens.

      1. And the Chinese “middle class” is ALREADY larger than the ENTIRE US population!

        It is almost societally imprinted that the Chinese are attuned to quality and #1. They buy the best when they can afford it.

    1. They’ve been red at my local Canada Apple Store for a little while now.

      Regardless, red is one of the two major colors in Chinese culture, indicators of prosperity and wealth (gold is the other), going back centuries. It makes total sense for Apple Store workers there to wear red.

        1. Hmmm. You really do not understand how China works today!

          Even if it’s silent you do have to please the powers in charge in China. In the USA , the press keeps the govt at least partly in check.

          1. I have no idea what you’re talking about as you are speaking in two directions. I stand by my statement, obviously. The wink is for that fact that this is (A) Obvious (B) There’s always some rectal pore around who wants to be The Boss Of You no matter where we are. There’s always some insecure, overcompensating dick of a ‘powers that be’ infecting themselves into other people’s lives. Welcome to human history.

            But in China, still, that ‘powers that be’ remains supremely invasive, diabolical and foolish. That hasn’t changed in ‘how China works today’. Do I have to link to all the recent Hong Kong articles to point this out???

      1. I think you need to read what I actually write. What speaks pride in the USA more than defending the US Constitution upon which it was founded? What speaks treason more than elected officials, sworn to defend the US Constitution, instead selling it out for cash. Now back on topic…

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