Apple Watch doesn’t need more than a few hours of active use time

“A new report from 9to5Mac suggests that Apple is looking at a smartwatch that will offer 2.5 hours of continuous use for processor-intensive applications like games, 3.5 hours for continuous use of standard apps and 4 hours of active fitness tracking in the background,” Darrell Etherington writes for TechCrunch. “Apple’s target for mixed use is 19 hours, including long periods where the display is off, but the initial hardware might not quite live up to that expectation, per 9to5Mac’s sources.”

“And at first glance, the number on paper might provoke some head-scratching or looks of concern among Apple Watchers; 3.5 hours of app use sounds abysmal when measured up against devices like the iPhone, for instance,” Etherington writes. “And at first glance, the number on paper might provoke some head-scratching or looks of concern among Apple Watchers; 3.5 hours of app use sounds abysmal when measured up against devices like the iPhone, for instance.”

Etherington writes, “But even if Apple falls somewhat short of these figures, it’s likely not going to hurt the consumer success of the wearable, for a few reasons.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Expect battery life to be used against Apple, as if they should have access to their own special laws of physics, in FUD campaigns from outclassed rivals and the anti-Apple propaganda peddlers.

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  1. And we can’t drive cross-country in our electric cars yet. It’s a damn shame, and a serious limitation for the Apple Watch, that there wasn’t a magical fix for this. Realistically, unless someone has a secret formula, battery technology is several years from giving us a full day’s heavy use for a device like this, unless someone gets creative and incorporates additional energy storage in the band.

    1. I think approaching from the opposite direction is the best short term hope. This means the prospect of charging batteries much quicker. Be it your car or your watch the quicker it can be recharged the more practical it can be to use.

    2. The linear actuator in the Taptic Engine could be reengineered to capture acceleration resulting from the natural motion of the wearer’s arm to produce a small electric charge that could extend battery life throughout the day.

  2. I see the main use of the Apple Watch as alerting you to look at your iPhone.
    Which is enough to make it useful to me. Mine is always on silent and I can’t ever feel it vibrate.

  3. Apple Pay Transaction … From the wrist….. Don’t have to dig through pockets & purses. That alone will help sell the dang thing. It will also have AWSOME flexibility when it comes to personation which is personalized fashion. It is about ownership of a quality device.

  4. My theory was that they’d put the battery in the band. Then again my theory didn’t include 6 different bands of such high quality and excellence. People expecting the watch to thin down take note: miniaturization of the electronics will be used to add bigger batteries. And for a while.

    1. Others have tried putting the battery in the strap, but it makes for a ridiculously bulky strap. I can understand the appeal of trying to do it, but I also think that Apple are right in not doing it as the range of thin and elegant straps greatly enhance the Apple Watch and elevate it into a category that no other smartwatch has reached before.

      My feeling is that Apple might be working on a way for their watch to get a wireless recharge from an iPhone – most likely by magnetic resonance, which is an area that Apple has been actively working on for some time. The tiny amount of power needed by an Apple Watch would not represent much of a drain on an iPhone battery.

  5. Wow, GREAT DESIGN! Barely use it, or you’ll have to take it off and charge it for a few hours. Excellent design, has ease of use written all over it. Basically, if you use it for more than telling the time and getting basic notifications that everyone’s already used to using their iphone for, you won’t be able to use it! Keep praising apple for this one. It’s….revolutionary!

  6. Normally a smart watch would be more limited use than another mobile device, but let’s face it, it’s such easy access to quick information that users will end up accessing it much more often than currently expected. I suppose that’s the problem with great design.

  7. You wont use it for browsing the net, googling, writing emails, editing photos or watching videos. Its a beacon, a notifier and a tracker that interacts with your phone. Starting playlists, reading SMS, tracking walks, Apple Pay, activating calls, recieving notifications. Typical short time interactions. And of course checking the time.

    I have a iPhone charger at home, charging it every night and serviing as my alarm clock. I have anothter charger at work in case battery i running low due to heavy bluetooth usage. And I charge it in my car. So I’ll probably will have an extra Apple Watch charger at work as well. No problems.

  8. Whats required is graceful degredation of functionality.
    It must tell the time in a basic screen- regardless of other functions. Other functions need user prioritization.

    The big problem I see is that many people regularly don’t end the day where they started it. The hotel stays, party overnight etc. Taking the charging stuff with you in just more crud to move about.

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