“Apple has acquired U.K. media data startup Semetric, the company behind the Musicmetric music analytics platform,” Paul Sawers reports for VentureBeat. “If you’ve never heard of Semetric before, it’s perhaps become best known for Musicmetric, a platform that garners data about the popularity of musicians online, scraping everything from Facebook to Twitter and BitTorrent. It basically provides a snapshot of what’s being said online, and gives music companies significant insight into what’s hot and what’s not.”

“In terms of why Apple would wish to acquire Semetric, well, it’s well-known that iTunes sales are starting to suffer, which is why the Cupertino company snapped up Beats Electronics for $3 billion,” Sawers reports. ” Apple recognizes that music-streaming is the future, and tied into this is big data.”

“For Apple to succeed with Beats, which it’s expected to relaunch as a core part of iOS in 2015, it needs to better understand what users are listening to and what they feel about it,” Sawers reports. “It’s worth noting that the broader Semetric platform tracks billions of data points, covering everything from TV shows and movies to books. It’s perfectly plausible that Apple isn’t merely focusing on music here, given that it also sells ebooks and films through iTunes.”

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