Photographers turn to Apple iPad for independence

“Since its initial launch in 2010, the iPad has been hailed as the future, if not the savior, of mainstream magazines faced with declining sales,” Phil Bicker reports for TIME Magazine.

“While certain publishers have used innovative approaches, embracing new technologies and incorporating video, photography and data-visualization, to bring the printed page to life, many of these tablet-focused iterations have preserved the limitations of a linear reading experience held over from the days of ink on paper,” Bicker reports. “A group of photojournalists is aiming to change that with the launch of Me-Mo (MEmory in MOtion), an independently published digital platform.”

Bicker reports, “Me-Mo is an attempt to move app-based long-form storytelling to a brave new world — and at the same time allowing its founding members to take more control in the presentation and dissemination of their work, in more innovative ways—while still respecting the classic ethics of documentary photography.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. Haven’t read article, however I find it irritating that the majority of news articles that discuss something that the reader will inherently be expecting to see an example of (a photo), but they don’t provide one !!

    Plus, if they do, it’s very small or requires you to open more tabs or fight a pop-in add. Frustrating! Why don’t they get it? We want beautiful pictures to fill up the screen right to the margins….

    Don’t give a damn about your page size guidelines and minimum ad margin specifications. Deliver the retina quality photos and I’m sure you’ll make yer money. Figure it out.

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