New Snowden documents show how the Britain’s GCHQ tracked iPhone users

“Snowden documents published today by Der Spiegel give new insight into the British GCHQ’s efforts to track targets through their iPhones,” Russell Brandom reports for The Verge.

“Previous leaks have revealed specific NSA exploits used to compromise the famously malware-resistant iPhone software controls, but the new documents show that even when the device itself hasn’t been compromised, any data on the phone can be pulled when the phone syncs with a compromised computer,” Brandom reports. “Other techniques allow GCHQ researchers to surveil targets by following a device’s UDID across different services.”

Brandom reports, “The report is dated to November of 2010, before Apple began deprecating the UDID system, but the documents show how useful the system was for surveillance while it was still operational.”

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  1. Well then, it’s clear that the Brits feel they can do whatever they wish and start wars and disregard laws and build new empires and tread across borders and impose their will in any corner of the world they choose. It’s clear.

  2. Who cares? Just another non story. You need to understand what they are looking for with these organizations. They are looking for Zihad, Abdullah, or any other Islamic terrorist and not whether you are cheating on your spouse or buying dope. Check your paranoia at the door, please!

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