Struggling Samsung and beleaguered Blackberry deny takeover talk

“Takeover, what takeover?” Joe Belfiglio reports for Yahoo Finance. “Samsung and Blackberry are both shooting down a Reuters report saying Samsung offered to buy Blackberry for as much as $7.5 billion. The adamant denial putting to rest, for now, talks of a Samsung acquisition.”

“Yahoo Finance’s senior technology reporter, Aaron Pressman says Samsung is going through a rough patch. ‘Last year they lost market share. It seems their phones are getting crunched by cheap Chinese competition at the low end and Apple at the high end,'” Belfiglio reports. “Samsung anticipates fourth-quarter earnings to show a 37% drop in profit from last year with sales down 12% over the same period. This would make the fifth straight quarter of decline for the South Korea firm.”

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  1. BlackBerry stock spiked up from below $10 a share to almost $13 on the rumor. Then it plunged back down to about $10 on the denial. Talk about stock manipulation…

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