The best and worst things about Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 Plus

“For me the iPhone 6 Plus was the best smartphone of 2014,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “I’ve had the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 since their September launch and moving to the massive iPhone 6 Plus is not something to take lightly. Several major issues will be deal breakers for many and they need to be weighed up against you own personal circumstance.”

One Best Thing:
“It stands to reason that if you are going to buy an iPhone 6 Plus then perhaps the number one reason is its bigger screen. You won’t be disappointed,” Kelly writes. “Realistic colours, superb brightness and wide viewing angles all catch the eye making it one of the best smartphones panels on the market. Its 401 ppi (pixels per inch) density is beaten by 2k rivals, but you will never notice this in real world use and it remains far above Apple’s own 326ppi ‘Retina Display’ threshold. For me the iPhone 6 Plus display is the perfect example of Apple not over-engineering a product for the sake of it. Only under intense scrutiny will the difference between this 1080p display and 2k rivals be spotted and 2k comes with major performance and battery trade-offs.”

One Worst Thing:
“Apple may be widely held up as a master of modern industrial design, but for me it has got the iPhone 6 Plus completely wrong. The biggest issue is ergonomics. The iPhone 6 is a flat, slippery phone that doesn’t feel particularly good in-hand, but just about gets away with it because it is relatively compact,” Kelly writes. “The iPhone 6 Plus is a different matter entirely. By merely supersizing the iPhone 6 all these problems are magnified. Consequently the iPhone 6 Plus is not only hard to use one handed but virtually impossible to hold in one hand with any confidence. For most owners the solution will be a case, but this makes an already huge phone even bigger and it would be nice if we had the option of not being forced to cover an attractive device in piles of rubber.”

More bests and worsts in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve found an interesting case. A case we use on our iPhone 6 Plus units. It’s completely clear silicon, slim, protective, and adds “grippabilty,” but doesn’t hide Jony Ive’s design chops. All ports, microphone, 8 speaker holes, headphone jack, camera, flash, etc. line up perfectly. Best of all: It costs $3.45 + $2.95 shipping. That’s right, not a typo: $3.95. And we’ve tested a bunch of cases on our own dime to come up with this one.

It’s Case Army’s Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Case for iPhone 6 Plus.


  1. Funny, whenever I take my iPhone 6 Plus out of its case, I never have any issues with one-handed use or gripping it. These issues seem to be overblown, and even if you do run into difficulty with a naked phone, a simple case like the one MDN linked to would solve that problem.

  2. I use an inexpensive, translucent Incipio. Flexible so it goes on and comes off easily. Grippy but does not attract particles like pure silicone. 1mm of front bezel protection in front. Case is thick enough in back so lens does not stick out. Black sides surrounding lens/flash solve a problem on light colored or white iPhones. maintains appearance, and feel of phone very nicely.

  3. I’ve had iPhones since the first one, and the 6 Plus is my favorite. I’ve never had a case for one, and the 6 Plus goes naked for the pure beauty of it. Never found it to be slippery. The only caution is that it can pop out of a pocket.

  4. I love my handsome, leather Kavaj “Tokyo” case for 6 plus. It is super thin and minimalistic, very grip-able, and holds 3 credit cards. The gold iPhone with the cognac leather looks very classy.

  5. LIke the others here I’ve had no ergonomic problems with my 6 Plus. The one-hand thing is a manufactured issue, we have two hands, after all. As with all my Apple devices, I use a Gelaskin for protection, and this addresses any grippability issues. The significant gains with having a larger iPhone far outweigh any negatives. I could never imagine going back to a smaller iPhone, let alone a 5s.

  6. I had a very attractive leather checkbook style case on my 6 Plus, but it was rather awkward and blocked the camera when opened.

    I just replace it with a Speck CandyShell Grip Case and it makes a big difference. It’s black with raised gray rubber ribs that really make it easier to handle.

    At times though I do wish I’d gotten the 6 like my wife; it’s more ergonomic if you don’t have NBA sized, hands in my opinion.

  7. I am happy I didn’t get the ultra thin case from Spigen… it is so thin that it doesn’t protect an iPhone 6 when droping on the street.

    That is why I chose the other “thicker” one that has a scratch resistent hard back cover framed in a soft material with a kinf of air cushioning in the corners… it is all transparent and i think my iPhone 6 looks even better.

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