Kaspersky Lab Director: Over 98% of mobile malware targets Android because it’s much, much easier to exploit than iOS

“Online attacks against such prominent targets as Sony, Target and Home Depot have brought cybersecurity and digital privacy to the forefront of the national consciousness,” Brian Fung reports for The Washington Post. “But as the technologies we use grow more sophisticated, so will criminals’ attempts to defeat them, according to Chris Doggett, North American managing director of Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based international information security firm. In an interview this month in Washington, Doggett said financial fraud and identity theft pose far more danger to Americans than shadowy hacking groups such as Lizard Squad, which has taken partial credit for breaching Sony’s systems. He added that no network is ever completely secure…”

…It comes down to how easy a target is to breach. There’s fundamentally two parts to the formula for cybercriminals. One is, how big a target? How juicy is it? How attractive is it? How much money is there to steal? The other one is, how easy is it to breach? In mobile malware, for example, we see over 98 percent of the mobile malware that’s created is created for Android. Why? Because it’s much, much easier to exploit than iOS. — Chris Doggett, North American managing director of Kaspersky Lab

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Open.”

As in, “wide.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Thumper” for the heads up.]

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  1. Unless that iOS user visits MDN, then they can be automatically redirected to the App Store or any viscous site the advertiser pays for.

    Come on MDN, ads are one thing but automatic involuntary redirects????

    1. Fuck, I cannot disagree with this. I can’t visit MDN using Safari without being redirected. The worst part is, you don’t even have to click on anything. It will just randomly do it, even if you are just reading.

      @MDN, you need to fix that shit. I get that you need to be paid by your advertisers, but get rid of the dicks.

        1. I don’t ever understand the downvotes on certain answers. So…. are these downvoted by people who LOVE having mobile Safari’s browser “hijacked” by javascript and taken to some shitty app in the store? You love just being whisked away while reading mid-sentence, not even touching your iPhone or iPad? I just don’t understand.

      1. Yup, it really sucks that ‘this’ page auto loads a “You’ve been selected to win an iPad” in another tab which you have to click “OK” in order to close the tab, which then reloads the page to get yet another redirect to “You’ve been sel…”!
        Scumbag behaviour MDN.

  2. Just like I wrote in one of my blogs (shameless plug :P), Android’s security model is like an old Mitch Hedberg joke.

    To do this show, I had to take a physical, and they asked me a lot of medical questions. And they were, like, yes and no questions, but they were very strangely worded. Like, ‘Have you ever tried sugar — or PCP?’

    The answer is yes or no, and it’s an all-or-nothing question. In Android, you either say yes to everything (wants access to text, photos, microphone, spleen, etc.) or nothing. no picking and choosing like you can with iOS.

  3. MDN?…WTF
    Auto redirect loops you cant escape from, to ads I didn’t click!
    The article link opens on the same page – never happened before.
    Wordpress auto login is borked
    The linked article says nothing about ‘98% of mobile malware on Android’

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