Apple Pay expands to Save Mart Supermarkets

“Apple Pay is continuing its steady march to retail stores near you,” Julia Love reports for The Mercury News.

“Modesto-based Save Mart Supermarkets — which operates Save Mart, S-Mart Foods, Lucky, Maxx Value Foods and FoodMaxx — announced on Thursday that customers can now check out using Apple Pay at its 217 location in Northern California and Northern Nevada,” Love reports. “Nicole Piccinini Pesco, co-president and chief strategy and branding officer at Save Mart Supermarkets, cited security and convenience as the chief reasons for adopting Apple Pay, a mobile payments system that lets people with the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus buy items in stores by waving their phones at the register.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. Been using ApplePay since BofA allowed my credit card on it. I’ve had great experience with it……..Clerks are saying more and more people are using it. Clerks like it because it is so simple and very fast; eg- no last 4 digits, driver’s license please, the card is not signed, the magnetic stripe is damaged, etc etc.

    Some stores require a signature on purchases over $50 but that is merely a 2 second event at the very end so it’s no big deal…..

    The “info” button on the app is nice because it lists all your ApplePay purchases on the phone in case you want to double-check a charge amount or possible error. I have had NO double charges or problems returning ApplePay purchases and receiving credit back on my credit card.

    The major problem I have had is with the NFC terminal NOT working(no green light) due to a terminal malfunction of some type.

    Every place I charge I always ask about ApplePay and I am now frequently biased toward businesses that take the AP program versus those that don’t!!!

  2. I was forced into a CVS today, the only place within walking distance. At checkout, their terminal had repeated problems reading my card. At the end, I commented that it would be better if CVS accepted ApplePay. The manager, who was doubling as cashier, said he doubts they’ll EVER take ApplePay. Idiots.

  3. A manager at my Capitola CA Save Mart told me in December that they would probably never offer Apple Pay because it was a failure. A couple weeks later their new NFC terminals started working with Apple Pay. Today for the first time the Apple Pay logo is now displayed on their NFC terminals. 😜

  4. Used it at my home Save Mart in Carmel, first to do so.

    The only problem was Save Mart has a screen pop up after the tap and you have to hit credit/debit button.

    I told the checker they needed to work on that.

    1. Yes, at Save Mart after the Apple Pay confirmation they still make you press a Credit Card soft button then an OK soft button (both on the finger friendly display) instead of just having it complete the charge without pressing any buttons like over at Whole Foods. They also require a signature when the purchase amount is above a certain amount. That’s true at Whole Foods too.

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