iPhone 6s to feature new dual-lens camera and Apple Watch’s ‘Force Touch’ pressure sensor, sources say

“According to the Taiwanese media (which is citing supply-chain sources), the upcoming iPhone 6s (or whatever it will end up being called) will feature a dual lens camera capable of optical zoom and a 3D pressure sensor, probably bringing Apple Watch’s ‘Force Touch’ technology to the Cupertino based company’s smartphones,” Vlad Andrici reports for G for Games.

“Aside from the dual-lens, optical zoom capable camera, the publication also says that more light will be able to reach the sensor, which will enhance the image quality,” Andrici reports. “In translation, this probably means that Apple will probably tinker with the iSight camera’s aperture (iPhone 6 has an f/2.2 aperture).”

Andrici reports, “Reportedly, the lowest storage option will be 32GB.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. I think “6s” is a great product name for the next phone. Sounds like “success” and “sex”. From a neuro-linguistic marketing perspective, it’s perfect.

  2. Yay!

    Apple, could you also add another 4 functions to the home button please? You know I’ve always wanted to learn Morse Code in order to use the iPhone.


    I’d much rather see the iPhone 6 button relocated to the top of the phone where it belongs. Whoever placed it opposite the volume controls is completely daft.

    1. Do you also press the off button when changing the volume? Such a horrible design decision. They could have not copied this from the S4 and I would have been happy.

    2. My guess is that the force-sensor would be applied to the glass, not the home button. Imagine the potential for apps that had access to force sensitive screen tech? Drawing apps would be amazing. It would be like a wacom drawing tool, but actually drawing on the screen directly.

    1. How to improve the iPhone 6? Let me count the ways….

      1) ~ 25% more battery life, even if it means bulging the back
      2) power button location needs to move
      3) iOS usability – fonts, colors, better textures for intuitive GUI; allow deletion of unused apps, unflatten and keep Ive away from it, etc
      4) iTunes usability & syncing (wired and wi-fi)
      5) more sturdy wires
      6) better color options, including black and a RED model
      7) a 256 GB iPhone model (assuming Apple has really killed the iPod Classic)
      8) fix Maps – usability, legibility, ability to easily create/edit route waypoints, faster responsiveness, better views, real-time traffic routing
      9) fix Siri – more user control, more accuracy, less reliance on internet connection for common commands, etc.
      10) fix Podcasts. what a mess!!!
      11) fix Calendar — practically unusable as is
      12) better iCloud performance, with much more user control. Or make it an option that users can really opt out of, since some people cannot use it at all for their business.

      …. and as a bonus, Apple stores should lower prices on Lightning-to-30pin Dock connectors instead of continuing to rape loyal customers who have a lot of Dock accessories.

      I am sure there are more ways Apple can continue to improve. Apple’s iPhone 6 may be the best yet, but it is far from perfection.

  3. Just curious but why when I visit articles on this site from my iPad do I sometimes get redirected to the App Store? If this wasn’t the only source of Apple news and rumors I’d strongly consider not visiting this site anymore.

    1. It’s part of MDN’s advertising ‘strategy’ – because the best way to retain readers is to consistently piss them off 😉

      It’s the main reason why I aggressively use ad blocking software when I visit MDN, and since my ad block filter is located on my router, I get to visit MDN without any ads, no matter which device I use.

      I generally wouldn’t mind the ads, but the disruptive redirecting to the App Store for some crap malware game is simply unacceptable. I also regularly report the app developer for their spamming. I suggest you do the same.

      You can also use an RSS reader to scrape MDN, and see no ads.

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