Apple begins iOS 9 testing

“It will be many months before developers see Apple’s first iOS 9 beta, but the Cupertino company has already begun testing the update internally ahead of this fall’s release,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “The software has starting appearing in analytics data for a number of sites in recent months, including our own.

“Czech blog LetemSvetemApple was first to notice iOS 9 in its Google Analytics data, with three visits from the new OS this month,” Bell reports. “Only a small number of visits every few days were accounted to iOS 9 devices for the first couple of weeks, but in mid-December, there was a noticeable increase in usage.”

Bell reports, “This suggests Apple began testing on iOS 9 on a small number of devices just two months after rolling iOS 8 out to the public, and may have made the software available to even more employees last month.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: MacDailyNews been seeing hits from iOS 9 since December 18, 2014:
iOS 9

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Interesting. Back in September, 9to5mac mentioned they saw hits to their site for iOS 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 but no mention of iOS 9. Wonder if Apple decided to skip iOS 8.3?

    Another interesting note, if you click on the article that this post references, it mentions there hasn’t been any hits from OSX 10.11. A sign of Apple moving OSX back towards a 2-year major release cycle?

    1. I sort of doubt it S. Mulji. It’s not the season for alpha testing a new version of OS X. Apple have enough on their plate at the moment with iOS devices, including I have to assume the Watch. For all we know, iOS 9 is required for the Watch.

      1. I’m going by past history, as in the past 2 years. Various blog sites, like this one, would see hits / testing of OSX along side iOS right around this time. That’s why I was thinking “out loud” wondering if OSX 10.11 may be delayed till 2016, also due to the reasons you stated.

        As for Apple Watch, it will require iOS 8.2. You can read about that here;

        Apple Watch is tentatively scheduled to come out last half of March

        This is still technically rumor but Mark Gurman has fantastic sources so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

      1. Just another troll… You can always tell by how overboard they go on the description of the issues..

        Yosemite works great for me, I’ve had no seroius issues, this does not lessen the impact to those that have had issues, for whatever reason, but Yosemite is fast and very useable for me.

        Trolls on the other hand must prefer the overwhelming instability and insecurity of Windows (insert version here).

  2. I still find it bizarre how MacDailyNews keeps blasting Google for spying on users, while showing off its Google Analytics charts.

    Let me see if I got MDN’s position straight on Google data collection: when Google spies on users, that’s pure unjust evil – but when Google and MDN spy on users in collaboration, that’s somehow okay.

    How can anyone rationalize such obvious hypocrisy?

    What, when you’re involved, do you suddenly start to see the subtle nuances, start weighing in usefulness of data collection against potential privacy concerns, and start deeming data anonymization practices as satisfactory? When you’re not directly involved in the data collection, Do you suddenly forget theses nuances when you’re not involved and revert back to hating Google for its sinister spying?

    Are those nifty little charts really cool enough to make you sacrifice your principles, or where your principles that flimsy to begin with?

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