Why Apple Watch will succeed where lesser companies have failed

“Like a sports analyst touting the unearned big-league success of a highly sought after college prospect, Global Equities Research LLC analyst and co-founder Trip Chowdhry is shouting success for the Apple Watch,” Trey Williams reports for MarketWatch. “In the research firm’s early-January report on Apple Inc., Chowdhry said the Apple Watch will be a ‘phenomenal success,’ predicting 40 million to 42 million units will be sold in 2015”

“His findings led him to the behavioral traits of the Apple user, and that is what every other company is missing, he said,” Williams reports. “‘Companies are successful if they are creating a behavioral shift, or if they’re influencing a behavioral shift,’ Chowdhry said. ‘Apple is influencing a behavioral shift. And betting against a behavioral shift is suicidal.'”

“According to Global Equities Research data, the average iPhone user takes his phone out of his pocket for a glance about 110 times a day. Teenagers check their phones almost every five to seven minutes. This, Chowdhry explained, is where Apple Watch will cash in,” Williams reports. “Apple Watch will offer ‘glances’ allowing users a quick, convenient check of notifications without pulling the phone out of their pockets… ‘Three hundred and fifty dollars isn’t much for convenience, or apps,’ said Chowdhry. ‘This isn’t a two-app device. We estimate that the average Apple Watch will have 100 apps, that is like 100 devices for $350.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anybody who’s anybody will have an Apple Watch.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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  1. Original Headline: “Why Apple Watch will succeed where others have failed”

    From the article “What is the reason Apple Watch will be a success while all other smartwatches have failed?”

    MDN Headline: “Why Apple Watch will succeed where lesser companies have failed”

    You know I’m just a simple poster. I make grammar mistakes here, tons of them. MDN come on, Apple is not a company. “Why Apple Watch will succeed where lesser products have failed” or “Why Apple Watch will succeed where products from lesser companies have failed” makes sense but you headline doesn’t.

    Then again it probably fits in well with your main demographic.

  2. Chowdhry has figured one thing out that the detractors keep missing: people are not going to buy Apple Watch because it is a watch; they will buy it because it does other things. No one buys an iPhone because it great at being a phone; they buy it because it is a good camera, it puts the Internet in your hand, and it plays music and video. Being a phone is rather inconsequential. The same will hold true with Apple Watch: it will do a lot of stuff, and, by the way, tell the time, too.

  3. “And betting against a behavioral shift is suicidal”
    Apple does NOT create behavioral shifts. That is just more stupid anal..ysts thinking.

    Apple creates great ideas into actual hardware and function then perfects it with even greater software.

    We see it and we want / need it. Pure and simple.

    Just saying.

  4. It’s too early to tell whether the AppleWatch will be a success or failure. It probably has 50-50 chance of going either way. Apple seems quite confident. but I’m nervous just thinking about it. I would seem that Apple must use every bit of their famous halo to get expected sales some people are quoting.

  5. It’s much simpler than all of this “behavior shift” stuff… Once an iPhone customer buys an Apple Watch, it will be like their iPhone originally came with the Apple Watch. This is because iPhone and Apple Watch become integrally connected, to work as ONE product, not two products that interact occasionally.

    Over time, it won’t be just new “Apple Watch” apps. Existing popular iPhone apps will begin taking advantage of enhanced functionality provided by Apple Watch, in the same way that existing apps took advantage of the Retina Display and larger screen sizes, once those features appeared.

    Apple Watch will be seen NOT as a separate product, but an integral part of the iPhone customer experience. Because Apple controls both iPhone and Apple Watch as well as iOS, Apple can ensure compatibility over “generations” of iPhone and Apple Watch production. For example, the first Apple Watch “integrates” BACK to iPhone 5 (two gens back), and it will similarly go FORWARD in compatibility with future iPhones.

    That’s very important, and something that no Apple smartwatch competitors can replicate. Traditional watch companies who try to compete are hopelessly outmatched in technology. Android phone makers who try cannot overcome fragmentation of the overall platform; new devices can’t even run the latest OS. Microsoft and BlackBerry could “technically” do it, but their respective platforms are now a joke, so any (viable) smartwatch they create will need to interact in much more limited ways with the two popular platforms they do not control.

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