Apple joins ‘Je Suis Charlie’ solidarity movement after Islamic terror murders in Paris

“Apple’s French website has been updated with a stark black line and the simple message ‘Je Suis Charlie’ (‘I am Charlie’) in solidarity with victims of Wednesday’s terror attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine,” Lewis Wallace reports for Cult of Mac. “”

“The murderous rampage, allegedly conducted by French brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, left 12 dead, including four of the satirical magazine’s editorial cartoonists and two policemen,” Wallace reports. “While French authorities search for the brothers, a third suspect, Hamyd Mourad, is reportedly cooperating after surrendering.”
“Like previous attacks on the magazine, Wednesday’s shootings appear to have been motivated by Charlie Hebdo’s publication of editorial cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad and ridiculing the rise of radical Islam,” Wallace reports. “The masked gunmen, reportedly affiliated with al-Qaida in Yemen, can be seen on videos shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and ‘We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad! We have killed Charlie Hebdo!'”

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  1. You stupid multicultis are now reaping what you’ve sown.

    You’ve ruined much of Europe. Why any tourist would go to, say, Paris or London is beyond me. Both are full to the brim with filthy towelheads, likely training for their next mass murder in the name of their fucking “prophet” – while living off the countries’ respective taxpayers no less!

    “Multiculturism” is a plague of stupidity. ENOUGH!

    You stupid Americans are doing the same thing to California with your separate Spanish bullshit.

    Legal immigrants need to ASSIMILATE. If you want to live in a country, you should share a common language, at least. Keeping separate islands, ghettos really, of Muslims or Mexicans or whatever within a country is a recipe for disaster.

    Those pushing for “multiculturalism” are fools. Those pushing for separate languages in schools and in businesses and who are against assimilation are traitors to their countries and should be ostracized, certainly not elected to office. Such idiots are not fit to catch dogs.

    1. Amen.
      There is no “radical Islam.”
      There is no “militant Islam.”
      There is no “moderate Islam.”
      There is just Islam; they all read the same book.
      DO NOT be fooled by the progressive liberals or the multiculturalists.

        1. To avoid hate, we should not equal 1.7 billion Muslims to terrorist, just like we should not equal all Christians to Norwegian Breivik, who proclaimed himself to be hand of Jesus Christ just as terrorists in France proclaimed themselves to be hand of Muhammad or Allah.

        2. Sorry, but no. These two terrorist Muslims acted according to their holy book, the Koran. They were following in Mohammed’s footsteps. When people follow in the footsteps of Christ, they do not do such things.

      1. There is NO “good religion”, there is NO “good culture”! This is all nothing but foolish conservative talk. Being too sure and too proud of your believes is THE problem!

      2. macman1138, that broad brush that you are using to paint all Muslims could easily be turned on Christians or Jews or ethnic groups.

        It is lazy andinaccurate to judge all of a group by the actions of a few.

        1. No, it cannot. When Christians murder, they transgress their teachings. When Muslims murder, they do so ACCORDING to their teachings. It’s just that simple.

    2. Please do not denigrate an entire people as “filthy towelheads.” I know plenty of wonderful, law-abiding, peaceful, and loving Muslims.

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments on separate languages and assimilation. America used to do this the very best in the world. We were the world’s mixing pot. We’re not mixing very well lately. Teaching in Spanish, etc. is a mistake of epic proportions. If you want to live in a country, there needs to be certain commonalities, a shared oneness. Language is a basic one. I urge everyone to back English as the official language of the USA. This HELPS immigrants to assimilate.

      I am not against legal immigration of anyone who wants to assimilate and abide by the laws of the country. I am against anyone who wants to waste the time and money coddling people with language separation. You are only impeding assimilation and hurting these children when it comes to finding jobs in the future.

      1. A backdrop to the massacre in Paris on Wednesday by self-professed al Qaeda terrorists is that city officials have increasingly ceded control of heavily Muslim neighborhoods to Islamists, block by block.

        France has Europe’s largest population of Muslims, some of whom talk openly of ruling the country one day and casting aside Western legal systems for harsh, Islam-based Shariah law.

        “The situation is out of control, and it is not reversible,” said Soeren Kern, an analyst at the Gatestone Institute and author of annual reports on the “Islamization of France.”

        “Islam is a permanent part of France now. It is not going away,” Mr. Kern said. “I think the future looks very bleak. The problem is a lot of these younger-generation Muslims are not integrating into French society. Although they are French citizens, they don’t really have a future in French society. They feel very alienated from France. This is why radical Islam is so attractive because it gives them a sense of meaning in their life.”

        Said Mr. Kern, “Europe is very committed to multiculturalism. So any speech critical of Islam is immediately branded as being Islamophobic or racist or something like that. There’s not really an honest debate about what’s going on in Europe because the European elite have so much invested in this multicultural society that they’re trying to build.” – Rowan Scarborough – The Washington Times – Wednesday, January 7, 2015

        Full article:

        1. Most americans are peaceful… But that majority is still irrelevant…
          Humanity is apparently filled with good will, but each one wants its certainty to be the only and absolute truth.
          But it is not, because there is NO “absolute truth” in any of our believes.

        2. Actually, yes, there is an absolute truth, and an awful lot of it. Let’s start with “thou shalt not murder”. Are you really going to argue that you should murder (that is, take an innocent life)? And if there is no absolute truth in anything that anyone believes, then that applies to your own statement — it is not absolutely true all of the time. Come on, man.

        3. Too bad that was the Heritage Foundation doing the Benghazi Bullshit Dance. Her point regarding the peaceful, silent, majority is all too true, especially in American politics.

      2. In the UK we have three official languages (English, Welsh, Gaelic), each of them from long-standing cultures that have been here for as long as the country has.

        The USA at least needs to recognise Spanish as an official language if it is going down that path, and probably a few Amerindian languages too. Large parts of your country spoke those languages before English came along.

        1. Right. We are all mixtures of much older cultures anyway. Most of our histories are, sadly enough, filled with injustice, raping and massacre, therefore there is no need to be that proud at all.
          There is no excuse nor any reason to kill somebody in the name of convictions. No flag, no religion and no idea worths a life.

        2. Tell you what. You run the UK according to your successful model, and we’ll run the USA according to ours. The US didn’t become the most prosperous nation in the history of the world by having multiple official languages. This is not to brag, but just to demonstrate how it was achieved.

      1. The good thing: There are as many muslim “brands” then christian sects. Luckily enough. Otherwise, we would all already be prisoners of one of any of those religions.

        1. At this moment in time, comparing Christianity to Islam, is like comparing Scientology to Islam. Relatively speaking, modern Judeo-Christianity is all but harmless in comparison to the death-cult that Islam has become.

          I’m an atheist. I’d be terribly happy if the world suddenly became rational ( I think ). It’s not going to happen in my lifetime though. 70-75% of the folks on this planet believe in some kind of god. Freaky, but true.

          So I judge a religion based on one factor. How willing is it to leave everyone else alone. On a scale of 1 to 5, Judaism gets a 5. Christianity gets a 3.5. Islam gets a -1.

          Islam is dangerous.

    3. Belief is the problem. Everyone has it, and some will kill for it. Love and live as you will, is the only answer. But alas, it may be too late for that for most of us.

    4. As a London resident who works a lot in Paris I completely disagree with your assessment of either location. They are both full of many nationalities, from North Americans through to South-East Asians, and mostly everyone lives side by side quite happily.

      The problem here is that a group of easily-led moronic narcissists have found a cause, one which their easily-led moronic narcissistic minds believe permits them to make a name for themselves regardless the effect on everyone else. We notice the murders they carry out in Western countries, yet for each of them there are dozens of marketplaces being bombed in Pakistan, or schoolgirls being shot in the head in Nigeria etc. All because some sad little tosser can’t cope with how miserable and useless their own life is.

      If Islam itself is at fault it’s in how it conditions children from an early age to accept whatever is written in their particular Book of Fables as something to be obeyed. Just as in the Bible the Qu’ran has a lot of downright repugnant stuff in it, and Muslim parents would do well to emphasise which parts should be ignored before someone uses those verses to turn their kids into killers. Brainwashing is easy when the mind is trained to only accept and not to question.

      Anyway, I’m just tired of this crap now. It’ll be lovely if an asteroid just smashes into the Earth and wipes us all out. It’s what we deserve all in all. We’re not a nice species.

        1. If such a thing exists I’d happily settle for that smashing down. It would at least give us a few years without their boring crap boiling over every other day.

  2. Islam is a big, big world problem. It presents a much larger and more immediate problem than even so called climate change. It is NOT a religion of peace, you’d have to be a complete moron to believe such propaganda. It is not a religion of love. It is a religion of “Our way or we kill you.” Such is the nature of jihad.

    There are two kinds of jihadists. Silent jihadists and violent jihadists. The silent ones may seem peaceful, but in their peace and silence they are not speaking out against the violent ones.

    Islam is spreading throughout Africa like a virus and infecting the minds of the poor, of which there is an unlimited supply in Africa. The population of violent Islamics is growing. We’re talking hundreds of millions here.

    Western Europe, well, good luck folks. Your coddling apologists have lain the groundwork for horrible times ahead.

    America, we’ll do the same thing. Our liberals are like Europe’s. Good hearted, well intentioned. idealistic, and totally naive to the fact that there really is evil in the world.

    Instead of pointing at it they make irrational arguments like, “Islam is no different than Christianity.” Yeah well I’m sure glad our illegal immigrant population is made up of Catholics and not Islamics, and I bet most other Americans are as well.

    I don’t see the issue of violent Islam ending in any peaceful way. It will be a core component in World War III. How do you convince a billion people or so who adhere to a religion who’s very name means “Submission,” to live and let live?

    “Some people just want to see the world burn.” -Alfred Pennyworth

    1. Religion is a big, big world problem. It presents a much larger and more immediate problem than most others. There is NOT a “religion of peace”, and you’d have to be a complete moron to believe such propaganda. There is no “religion of love”. All religions state “Our way or you must die and suffer forever.” Such is the nature of religion.

      1. Nope. You have to evaluate what religions teach, and in order to do that, you can’t blindly group them all together. For instance, what Buddism says about the soul is quite different than what Christianity says. Islam preaches unending war against the non-believer. Judiasm does not. Also, atheism — the conviction that there cannot be any evidence that supports the existence of a deity, is closeminded. You either have to be an agnostic, or you must be…well…in your words, moronic.

      1. Oh, yes, we Catholics are causing such big problems by collecting food and feeding the hungry of our communities. It’s just like flying airliners full of people into buildings full of people and shooting up newspapers because of cartoons.

        Some religions are more advanced than others. Far more advanced.

        1. You don’t understand. Catholicism adheres to the way of Christ, who taught people to take care of the poor and needy, no matter their religion. Hamas takes care of its own, or as a PR stunt. Islam commands them to take care of only Muslims.

      1. He means Anthropogenic Climate Change. Attributing global warming mainly to human activity. Not proven. Much fakery, though. Much politics. Much redistribution of wealth proposed. No real solutions. The rest of us got it the first time.

        1. I’m well aware of what he meant, and also well aware that he’s wrong.

          There are these people called “scientists” who actually have proven it, by the way. You might try getting your information from them instead of Big Oil-backed politicians and so-called “journalists” that have their own agenda and motives.

          By the way, are you always a misinformed, condescending, judgmental bitch, or is today special?

        2. The scientists haven’t proved jack shit in regard as to HOW MUCH human activity affects so-called global warming or HOW TO FIX it (stopping all industrial activity today does nothing to change anything for hundreds of years). Bottom line, this is about taking from rich countries to give to poor countries. It’s a socialistic ruse.

        3. All scientists are biased. All journalists are biased. In the nature of the marketplace, reality wins. ACC is a pretty ridiculous and hubristic concept. If anything, the industrial revolution would have been 10x worse. Seriously, though, you can’t argue in favor of “hide the decline”, ClimateGate, deceiving UN report summaries, and the rest. Computer models only prove what they can model. See

  3. INTERNMENT! It worked in both World Wars, and make no mistake, Islam is at war with the West even if we in the West haven’t woken up to this yet. You make even one comment or move supporting any aspect of violent Islam and in you go – no lawyers, no rights. You stay there until war ceases.

    1. LOL. Look at Islamic history and Islamic theology and you will have your answer. Remember that the “verse of the sword” was the last verse written by Mohammed, and so it trumps all the peaceful ones written earlier in his life, because that is how you are supposed to read the Koran.

  4. Live and let live – your religon is not your perogative to shove it down anyone’s throat. Any almighty God that needs human scum to represent him/her and kill murder or rape, is a sorry ass god.

    1. Ah, but we don’t live and let live. All of us subsidize the mythology-followers. Churches don’t have to pay taxes. Why do I have to subsidize hate groups that believe in superheroes who created the entire universe and yet care enough about our little speck to intervene and dictate what we do? TAX THE CHURCHES!

  5. Interesting THAT so many of us live in glass houses and yet we like to throw stones.

    THAT we kill more than 10,000, (mostly intentionally), men, women and children with a gun ever year in the USA.

    THAT we are always attempting to push our democratic morals on the rest of the world.

    THAT we believe in free speech to the point we can say anything we want, to anyone we want and at anytime that we want.

    THAT we immediately allot manic actions to religion.

    I have to wonder if such a profane desire to express our selves without any sense of responsibility is not a form of BULLYING. To many, it is not funny. It is not satirical. It is not religious punning. it is simply their felling of complete hopeful disdain and respect for their well being; to many in a world that they don’t desire to live anymore nor should anyone else.

    For me, I wouldn’t go into anyone’s home and expressly criticize the host(s) and their family. But if one did so to me, I wonder how much I would take and if I would be ashamed of my own reaction(s), no matter what the consequences that I have been taught I may have to bare.

    And can anyone tell me what law says that we have the right to say, “anything we want, to anyone we want and at anytime that we want?”

    1. Sorry, I don’t kill 10,000 people with a gun, so I’m not part of the “we”.
      Sorry, but I don’t allot manic reactions to religion, so I’m not part of the “we”.
      Sorry, but I haven’t ever tried to push anything on the entire world (too difficult and too complicated), so I’m not part of the “we”.

      Whom exactly are you pompously attacking and then assigning my individual motives to? Seriously now.

  6. Another symptom of modern day globalization growing pains. It’s always tough, it was tough but the anaerobic bacteria adapted when the plants started polluting earth’s atmosphere with oxygen. It was tough but the plants adapted when the consumers started eating them. It’s tough but Gaia will survive. Not all the methane from the anaerobic bacteria, nor all the oxygen from the plants, nor all the bones from the consumers and certainly nor all the nuclear arsenal from the navel gazing species.

    Multiple species, ecological diversity is ecological stability. You can try as hard as you want but monoculture if pretty well limited to the lab for a short bit of time.

    The key of course to adapting is tolerance. Intolerance leads to these situations.

    Je suis Charlie Hebdo, je suis plus que Charlie Hebdo, je suis moin que Charlie Hebdo.

    Oh and just so I can get pass the censors it means:
    Je suis Charlie Hebdo: I am Charlie Hebdo BUT it can also be a funny (or not so funny pun) as it can mean: I follow Charlie Hebdo.

    I am Charlie Hebdo, I am more than Charlie Hebdo, I am less than Charlie Hebo


    I follow Charlie Hebdo, I follow Charlie Hebdo more, I follow Charlie Hebdo less.


    Any mixed up variations and permutations that you want to come up with.

    The /shjtt tag refers to satire humor joke tall tale tag.

  7. One of the things I find ironic in all of this is all the support CH received AFTER the attack. Where was Apple in the trenches? Probably off playing more butt-kissing games to Islam or local preferences or whatever. Thank God they can’t make computers halal, unlike a lot of the food (especially if you live in the UK — look for that nice crescent/moon symbol on the packaging). Steyn was a bit harsh but essentially correct on this whole bit:

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