Beleaguered Microsoft’s moribund Windows Phone may finally be dead

“Microsoft’s attempt to climb back into the mobile phone race may finally be drawing its final breaths,” Chris O’Brien writes for VentureBeat.

“The latest market share numbers for mobile operating systems point to an absolute bloodbath for Windows Phone,” O’Brien writes. “Nobody was under the illusion that Windows Phones were doing well, but Kantar Worldpanel ComTech figures for the three months ending November 2014 indicate that they are on the cusp of almost total irrelevance.”

“Windows Phone market share fell to 3 percent in the U.S., down from 4.3 percent for the same period a year ago,” O’Brien reports. “In Europe’s five biggest markets (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), market share dropped from 9.8 percent to 8.3 percent in November 2014. Only Germany saw an uptick in market share.”

MacDailyNews Take: The Germans must be researching what not to do in electronics and software engineering.

O’Brien reports, “And in China, the Windows Phone has been all but wiped out as market share fell from 2.7 percent to .6 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Karma destroys hubris every single time:

Microsoft's iPhone Funeral September 2010
September 2010

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  1. Reading the terms “dead”, “bloodbath”, “final last breath”, in lieu of terms like “no longer in production” or “discontinued” is sure indicative of a group that has a death wish fetish. No wonder they are promoting torture as being all right, no need to prosecute. When it comes to a total lack of ethics in controlling public opinion it’s “Mission Accomplished.”

      1. I’ve been posting at MDN for a while, well before Zune Thang, and I am aware that the tech media has nurtured and proliferated those sorts of terms for quite some time, be it Apple or Microsoft or anyone they can apply the terms to.

    1. Apple is promoting torture as being all right? Apple is doing no such thing, and for the record, psychological fake out is not torture AND terrorists haven’t signed the Geneva convention.

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