7 things Steve Jobs would have hated about today’s Apple

“A lot has changed at Apple in the years since Steve Jobs died,” Luke Dormehl writes for Cult of Mac.

“While much of it is good (record-breaking iPhone sales, work on the new Apple campus, the stock-split leading to new share price highs), it’s unavoidable that one or two (or, indeed, 7) things would slip through the cracks, which Apple’s notoriously perfectionist late CEO would have hated,” Dormehl writes. “The recent publishing of a patent for an iOS stylus — an accessory Jobs was vocal about opposing — got us thinking about other aspects of Apple, circa 2015, that likely would have rubbed the company’s late CEO the wrong way.”

Here are 3 of the 7 things Steve Jobs would have hated about Apple today:
• The giant iPhone 6 Plus
• The iOS update that bricked the iPhone 6
• Apple’s kinder, gentler PR image

See the other four things in the full article here.


    1. It is worse: this Cult of Mac aauthor is ignorant.

      Steven personally was approving lots of charitable activities at Apple, including donation matching programs. He even sent a letter about that to Apple’s Japanese employees after 2011 disaster in that country.

      Also, Jobs has made Apple the biggest contributor to Product Red charity.

      1. How true!
        For god sakes, the guy passed away in 2011…
        When Edison, Ford or any game changing geniuses died, life went on without guessing what they would have done or think.
        Their successors took the ball and continued playing the game to the best of their abilities making the cars and electric world we now have. Looking forward was always Mr Jobs vision, making errors is part of the journey.

    1. 9) Everyone writing articles about what Steve Jobs would have done, liked, or disliked after his death.

      SJ specifically instructed Cook to lead using his own judgment, not to worry about what SJ might have done.

    2. 9) The fact that 10.10.2 beta has been out a month and we have not heard anything about it since……

      On the brink of choosing MS Outlook 2011 (ahhhhhhhhhhh) over Mail now………no-one is sight to keep me from stepping……especially when you want to be stopped, this is frustrating 🙂

  1. A lot of people would be fired. Tim Cook would lead the way out the door. He would fix all this terrible programming and bland graphics scheme. Apple porogramming botch of the day number 6: while trying to find an item on the Apple Store website on my iPhone 6 I noticed the search icon had been removed. Then while I was moving the screen left or right, previous pages loaded with little control on my part. Do these guys at apple ever try to use what they put out? Is there no oversight at all in the programming any more?

    1. Really? It was Jobs who ushered in OS X and presided over its interface changes. Tim Cook was Jobs’ favorite and hand-picked successor, so he would be fired? Ridiculous.

      1. And if I remember correctly, OS X 10.0 was the least ready piece of software Apple ever pushed out the door – Six months later, 10.1 fixed a lot of the problems, but still wasn’t much better. It wasn’t until Jaguar that we had a really stable version that could be used everyday.

    2. You’re right there’s absolutely no “oversight” in the software department. I’m getting tired of hearing all these stories about how awful Apple’s software has become. Maybe some of you weren’t around 20 or 30 years ago when software was much, much less complex and yet much, much more bug riddled?Modern API’s and operating systems are an order of magnitude more stable and crash free. Yes, there will always be bugs in software, especially something as complex as an operating system.

      Are there bugs in OS X and iOS? YES!!! Have I encountered some? YES!!! Are some of them seemingly obvious? YES!!! There’s a feedback page, try using that instead of all this asinine whining that’s not going to have absolutely any affect on getting issues resolved.

      1. Mike, I’ve been around all that time and I don’t remember bad programming like this, ever. You’re assuming that we haven’t been hitting the apple feedback page and I have. It just goes into a huge black hole. I haven’t ever seen one of my feedback issues corrected. There are two types of people here… Stock focused and quality focused. I find it comical how quickly the stock focused jump in and don’t acknowledge the shitty programming that is apple today. By the way, let’s go back to that simple programming. I’d take simple and functional instead of ugly unintuitive and bug ridden any day.

      2. Well the problems I have with the iOS photo app and the camera import features are well beyond bugs (ie fundamental features changed from iOS 5 to 6 then abolished in 7). They are proof of complete incompetence and idiocy in some areas of the software!

  2. I use macs all day at work and at home, I have had an iPhone for years now (currently the best one of all, the 6Plus), and I just don’t get all the complaining. It is extremely rare that I have any sort of problem at all. From time to time I do end up having to do something in windows, and it just makes me glad I’m using Apple’s products. I think what problems there are get WAY overblown, and this is one of those articles that try to capitalize on that. Do you think there were no problems at Apple when Jobs was there? Then you’re living in the same fool’s paradise that thinks there should never ever be a problem anywhere, and that it is possible to find every possible error before releasing software or hardware.

    1. Generally agree, with one exception: the Messages app in iOS 8.

      For many iPhones, Messages is one of the most used apps. And there are a number of glaring bugs that affect me on a daily basis. Been using Apple products since 2005, and not until now have I ever been annoyed with one every single day.

      1. Sorry you’re having trouble with Messages. I don’t know what problem you’re having, but speaking for myself it is one of the ones I especially like. I use it all the time on my phone and my computer. Anyway, hope whatever the issue is, it gets sorted for you soon.

  3. 1. Steve was wrong on the iPhone 6 plus. So what.
    2. Kinder, gentler PR is a good thing. Also, so what.
    3. Bricking. always bad. ( I’ve been bricked once myself.)
    4. Buying innovation. Not inherently bad, but homegrown innovation likely shows deep commitment. Buying ? Not as likely.

    1. Plus, I don’t think Apple was really buying innovation in Beats, but rather Jimmy Iovine and a nice, instantly profitable headphone/speaker business. Apple tried speakers in the past and has been putting money into just OK earbuds, so why not simply acquire a division which has much more experience and popularity than Apple’s own products?

  4. What a stupid article. Jobs was the one who was insisting on the iPhone only running web apps until Scott Forstall convinced him to allow our current app system. Anyone recall how Jobs resisted implementing copy & paste on the original iPhone?

    As far as Apple’s kinder, gentler PR image, it was Jobs who fostered relationships with musicians for iTunes, who started the (Red) movement with Bono, etc. Apple is just as secretive about products now as it was under Jobs, but Cook is using Apple’s PR power to head off problems rather than let the media take them and run in all directions. Being silent was OK when Apple was recovering and smaller, but now that Apple is the king of mobile devices, it must take control of its media image.

    And software problems happen. The 8.0.1 brick glitch would have gotten people fired, and we don’t know that people weren’t fired by Cook for the problem. But Cook also has Apple addressing and fixing software problems much more quickly and publicly than at any time under Jobs.

    Siri was under development long before Jobs died, and Apple has had various forms of voice activation in all of its OSes, so that’s nothing new. The fact is voice recognition is very hard to do, because while we all think we speak clearly, we vary our speech. I haven’t been happy with Siri, but it is showing signs of improvement.

    Finally, the giant iPhone 6+ would have absolutely happened under Jobs because Apple’s customers were demanding larger phones. He called the original iPhone a computer in the palm of your hand that also acts as your phone, so he would have recognized where people were going with their mobile device use, what app developers were now implementing and demanding in terms of screen real estate, and the usefulness of a larger iPhone.

    If nothing else, Jobs was a man who, when shown his opinion was wrong, would whole-heartedly embrace the other idea and lead the charge (see iPhone apps as the perfect example). You just had to convince him that another way was better for the consumer, and he was all over it.

    1. “But Cook also has Apple addressing and fixing software problems much more quickly and publicly than at any time under Jobs.”

      Absolutely the best thing Cook has brought to the table! HUGE improvement.

      “If nothing else, Jobs was a man who, when shown his opinion was wrong, would whole-heartedly embrace the other idea and lead the charge (see iPhone apps as the perfect example). You just had to convince him that another way was better for the consumer, and he was all over it.”

      Yep. Much better than the original “article”. Thanks.

  5. I’m not Steve, and won’t pretend to really know him, but here are my thoughts (which are just a valid as those of this doofus):

    Steve also allowed some things to slip through the cracks.

    Steve would have admitted to the 6 Plus being a good thing, and well thought out to “fix” the things he didn’t like about phablets.

    Tim also hates some of the things that have slipped through the cracks.

    So, overall, I give this “article” a resounding “meh”.

  6. Because Cupertino was Utopia when Steve Jobs was alive and everything Apple did was perfect, like Mobile Me. Another bogus projection of personal dissatisfaction being projected onto the corpse of Steve Jobs. I find this whole (unoriginal) concept irritating and tasteless.

    1. Using the Steve Jobs metric just allows people to complain about something that no one wouldn’t normally complain about. The fact is, this doofus doesn’t know what Steve Jobs would’ve liked or not. We can say, that he picked Tim Cook to take over. He knew Apple was growing extremely large at a fast rate and he knew damn well and good that Tim Cook is a genius at handling things that could easily get out of hand. And he has done just that. Every single issue that Apple has had, they’ve been able to address it almost immediately. Apple is more “on the ball” than they’ve ever been. They’ve had to be – to much stupid shit being written about them lately.

  7. Fortunately love is legal and patriotic where I come from so a an article could be written about a number of things the Steve Jobs would have loved about jouranalists. Of course it would be a very short article maybe with a singular bullet:

    • nothing but room for improvement.

  8. Steve would have objected most to the constant marketing of the homosexual lifestyle as some sort of Apple feature. Steve had his political beliefs but he did not use the company to cram his personal lifestyle down the throats of customers and shareholders. He was wise in that regard.

    1. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, being a bigot is.

      It was under Steve that Apple very publicly gave money to counter Proposition 8 in California.

      Homosexuality is not being marketed. It is just not being shunned or hidden.

      You need to get a life.

      1. He did not go out of his way to cram the homosexual lifestyle down the throats of everyone in America, including those whose religious beliefs say it is a sin. This viewpoint is still the majority viewpoint throughout the world and has been the dominant view of organized religions for several thousand years. So your tossing around words like “bigot” when what you mean is you expect the whole world to approve no matter what you do. Well more than half of the US market does not approve and it is irresponsible for the CEO of the company to disrespect the views of the majority of his customer base. Steve Jobs never was in the face of the world population about homosexuality the way Tim Cook has been. I like Tim Cook as a CEO. I don’t like the way he shows such disregard for what is a major precept of the religion of our President and all those who think the sound of their religious call to worship at sunset is one of the prettiest sounds there is”.

        1. If your views are based on what the majority thinks, then you’ve lost the argument.

          Not hiding is not the same thing as cramming things down your throat.

          Your assumptions about what the world approves are most likely wrong.

          You’re still a bigot.

          Tim Cook not hiding who he is, is not being in your fact.

          Your religion, like all others are just a mythology that cannot be proven because they believe in something that doesn’t exist. There’s no reason gay people, or any people should hide based on yours and others beliefs in mythology. Get over yourselves.

          1. I know you think you have an education. But in America we still have this thing called freedom of religion. So, Christians are allowed to believe that God created all things, including the Bible which gives moral guidance. And the Christian view is that it homosexuality is wrong. So is heterosexual sex outside of marriage. So is murder. You are allowed to believe other things but religious convictions are not about polling data. So, despite the dumbing down of Americans and a generation that is unaware that freedom of religion is a guarantee we all have, so you will just have to co-exist with Christian. You know, like your bumper sticker says. And this is why it is stupid for the CEO of a large corporation to insult tens of millions of good Christian prospective customers. But I know this is all over your head.

            1. We are also guaranteed freedom from religion as well. Freedom of religion does not guarantee that “Christians” dominate the discussion and re-interpret the existing laws.

              One example of this domination? The excessive use of force of our global military empire – supported by, you know, the many “Christian” folks who claim they are pro-life and pro-death at the same time.

            2. No, in America you are not guaranteed any such thing. In the Soviet Union you are. And Cuba. And North Korea. But here you must do what your bumper sticker commands – COEXIST. We all have the freedom to our religious observance. Now, this is under attack of course by the current President who admires Cuba and the Soviet Union and detests America and the Constitution. He has said so. But for now we still have a slender thread of Constitutional liberty. So, I have the right to be a Christian and to believe in the God who created man and set out the rules we are to live by. You can do as you please.

        2. When someone says they are “proud to be gay” that doesn’t shove anything down your mouth. By the way, why are you so obsessed with the notion of things being shoved in your mouth? Cook saying he is proud doesn’t threaten secure Christians in the least. However, if you are insecure in your faith, then yeah I guess you lose your shit and write hate-filled diatribes.

      1. And you gotta hate Christians. Since you are a hater.

        I don’t hate homosexuals. I just believe God has spoken on that issue just like envy and greed and murder and disrespecting one’s parents. Everyone is a sinner. So if you can stop hating and open your mind you too can take advantage of the good news. It is a better deal than the Watch or iPhone 6 Plus, which are definitely nice deals.

            1. I cannot help it that your tiny mind cannot comprehend and deal with Western Civilization. It is actually a great thing. You embody the ignorance that makes totalitarians possible.

            2. To Wpivar

              Since you included no thought whatsoever in your comment I have to say your comment is without any sense. I on the other hand made complete sense. You can provide specific objections if you are capable of expressing written thought without getting into name calling. I have my doubts.

            3. To kent

              I did not start calling names, you did. Not to me, to a person I respect. I mean that what you write is what makes people scared of each other. I mean not one specific thing, the whole paragraph. You then continue the name calling by stating I have a tiny mind. You may not understand what it means what you have written, but I am a fat fuck and have a large head with a huge (be it fucked up) brain. I am also writing this in english as my third language, so I can not relate to the tiny mind at all. You then write some incomprehensible things about Western Civilisation and how I am unable to deal with it. I am perfectly able to cope, thank you for your concern. You then make the mistake of calling me someone who is ignorant, but never mention on what subject I am ignorant. Thus, in conclusion, I ask you again, please elaborate. BTW, grammatically,your sentences officially make no sense.

            4. Please give the specifics of who I called a name. I didn’t.

              I did explain that Tim Cook has gone out his way to cram his personal sexual preferences down the throats of his entire customer base, a large percentage of which finds his sexual preferences to be sinful. No name calling there – just a straight forward fact. I don’t hear other successful CEOs putting their sexual lifestyle out in such a public way. I would prefer that Tim Cook focus on Apple business and not give us graphical ideas about what he enjoys doing with his sex organs. This is what kids call TMI. Is there no discretion anymore?

              I said nothing scary either, another complete lie on your part. You don’t seem to be able to put any facts in a logical presentation, you just spew anger and hate. I thought your bumper sticker said COEXIST.

        1. Jesus said nothing about Homosexuality.

          He did teach to look after the homeless, the poor, the orphaned, the widow, the imprisoned, the hungry. He also taught forgiveness, peace, grace and love.

          Paul is widely thought to have struggled with homosexuality- not Jesus. Maybe those who call themselves Christians should call themselves Paulites.

          1. The Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman. It is crystal clear on that. Beyond that, simple biology and hygiene says is unnatural and extremely strange to stick a male sexual organ into a male anus which is where excrement leaves the body. This is plainly against the user manual. Not to say you can’t do it, but to your point, it is against the teaching of the Bible. How would there be a second generation of mankind if everyone were gay? Pretty short term plan.

            1. And your statement would explain why all the major Christian denominations have all been opposed to homosexuality for 2000 years. And that of course includes our President Muslim faith which recommends stoning and execution of homosexuals.

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