Piper Jaffray: Apple’s iOS dominates corporate world

“Piper Jaffray analyst Troy Jensen recently conducted a survey of 112 chief information officers at companies of various sizes,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “The survey found that 98 percent of companies currently support iOS, earning Apple near-ubiquitous support in the corporate world.”

“Apple’s dominance compares to 79 percent adoption for Google’s Android, 58 percent support for Microsoft Windows, and 24 percent support for the dwindling BlackBerry platform,” Hughes reports. “In terms of devices being provided to employees, 89 percent of corporations polled said they give their employees iOS devices, again leading all platforms. Google’s Android came in second with 57 percent of companies providing devices, while Windows was at 30 percent, and BlackBerry took 25 percent.”

“‘Over time, we expect iOS share in enterprise to exceed overall smartphone share given cost is likely less of an issue at enterprise level and is now the biggest reason consumers do not choose iPhone given the larger screen iPhone 6,’ analyst Gene Munster said in response to the poll’s results,” Hughes reports. ” In addition, Munster said that Apple’s major partnership with IBM for enterprise deployment should further boost iPad sales to corporations in 2015.”

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  1. How sweet it is!!

    Just a few years ago Blackberry was riding high, and the masses did not know what “quality” in mobile devices was.

    Quality, usability and value will always win – it just takes some time for most users to recognize those, and differentiate between who really provides those.

    1. BlackBerry was popular due to the keyboard for texting and supposedly great security. That was enough to win over corporations and consumers thought it was cool so they bought BlackBerries, too.

      I can assure you Apple isn’t getting an respect from Wall Street as being a corporate giant like RIM was. RIM received a very high premium for dominating the corporate world which is something Apple will likely never receive.

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