How Apple and Google are Killing Microsoft

“The long-reigning king of the desktop OS is in trouble. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, is rapidly steering the company into the back office and service spaces, while their nascent mobile and desktop platforms are crumbling around them,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “Microsoft is putting on a brave face continuing to heavily advertise the 2-in-1 Surface debacle, but Nadella is only buying time, as he must surely know that Apple and Google is the two-headed beast that Microsoft can not stop. In less than a decade, Microsoft will be associated with IBM or Oracle, not Apple or Google.”

“Apple’s iOS is poised for massive worldwide growth in 2015 and beyond, while Android is finding its way into embedded systems, cars and medical devices. Android is free, it is customizable and is a platform which is easy to develop upon,” Reschke writes. “C for microcontrollers, Linux and variants of, are being replaced by Android. And while Google pushes Android onto smartphone hardware that has no Apple logo on it, its permanent home may reside within your next generation cars, boats, microwaves, ovens and smart-fridge. The adoption rate of Android may be subtle, and Google is not able profit from the solutions their software empower, but it will be almost everywhere without anyone even knowing it is there. Microsoft has no ability to play where Google’s Android is headed.”

“Apple’s iOS and associated devices continue to lead the way as the mobile platform for the world,” Reschke writes. “With over 1 billion iOS devices sold to-date, and 60-70 million iPhones sold in the December quarter alone, iOS has become the consumer, business and general purpose mobile computing platform on a global scale.”

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  1. Microsoft’s problem. Google is doing what Microsoft does, and Microsoft can’t compete with “free.”

    Google’s problem. Google is doing what Microsoft does, and Google can make any money with “free.”

    Either way, it’s a money-losing proposition, and Apple ends up making most of the available profit (in both the PC and mobile markets).

    1. Plus “Android’s permanent home may reside within your next generation cars, boats, microwaves, ovens and smart-fridge”

      Your? Forget about it. Those devices won’t work.

    1. Not sure that auto makers or other modular imbedded device manufacturers in the home ext are likely to rely on Android personally not where it matters anyway. QNX seems to be the base OS for cars over which others can lay their OS so that there is choice and flexibility. Arm are trying a similar plan with its chips for their take on the embedded market and surely such an approach is going to be attractive to the players that matter if they have any sense. As Samsung found throwing all your hopes into Android free or otherwise ha been a longer term disaster in the making, you get tied in and can’t differentiate your products as Google owns the core of them. far better to have a base simple OS over which you can lay your own work as Apple and Google are doing in cars and Samsung would just love to be able to do with Tizen. Otherwise its just a long chase to the bottom.

  2. Microsoft’s demise is Microsoft’s doing. Apple and Google’s success are simply systems.

    It’s quite simple, toss away the ethics and the moral high ground, nourish the Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, engage the Embrace Extend Extinguish and you will do well as you parasite others… for a while. It’s simply not sustainable. If you are lucky enough you will die on your own. If you are beyond stupid, well then you’ll move into the exciting areas of torture, industrial espionage and sabotage, maybe start a war a whim and you will be even more powerful…for a while.

    Then when the karma wave hits you’ll learn that there are far more worse fates than death.

    Fortunately I think Microsoft is smart enough to dwindle into the history books as a once ran and become a niche company.

  3. Unfortunately it’ll be years before you see the enterprise community get off their collective asses and move away from MS completely. There is no MS SQL Server on iOS, and Office for Mac only exists to pacify those who think they need it. Development of enterprise-wide applications would need to transition from the Windows community to OS X and iOS before the nail is in the MS coffin. I wish it was happening now – heck, I’m a developer and I hate Windows.

      1. It would be a big step forward to developing a version of Sharepoint for OS X, given its collaborative capabilities. By developing this, it will make a huge difference in enterprise software and help to steer companies away from Windows. One would hope MS was steering away companies in droves after the abortion known as Windows 8, but companies are sticking to Windows, even just by holding on to W7 for dear life.

        For that reason alone, you aren’t seeing a mass migration away from Windows. The lemmings continue to buy crap and they get crap.

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