Apple Watch expected to launch in March

“Apple is finishing up work on the Apple Watch’s software, and sources familiar with the product’s development say that the device is currently on track to ship in the United States by the end of March,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple previously said that the wearable product will ship in ‘early 2015,’ while Senior Vice President of Retail Angela Ahrendts got a bit more specific by telling employees that the launch will occur in the ‘spring,’ after the Chinese New Year,” Gurman reports. “Several sources tell us that Apple is planning an extensive testing program to familiarize Apple Retail Store employees with the new product category.”

“These training programs will take place between February 9th and February 16th,” Gurman reports. “Of course, unexpected delays in software development and manufacturing could push the Watch back further in the year, but March is the current plan.”

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    1. Obviously they’ll be continually working on the next one and making it better, but as long as they don’t release it you’ll be happy?

      An annual release is pretty much guaranteed. The competition will force that.

  1. If they’re smart (which they usually are), they should plan to have the insides upgradable so that new features and better battery life could be achieved without having to buy a whole new watch…

      1. Obsolescence is the wrong word. They drive non-modifiable products to achieve appliance-like devices. Personal electronics typically benefit from this because modularity adds size and weight. I bought several high end Sony Walkmans in the day with no thought that they should be upgradable as years went by. Nor did I think that just because better units came out the next year was my unit obsoleted. That said, I am very interested in seeing how Apple deals with migration to more capable watches as they are introduced. I personally love the idea that the guts can be swapped out at less cost than a new watch.

      2. That is such an inane myth based on minor factors like cabling standards or removable batteries rather than the true overall reality. Macs have a life that is far superior to PCs and iPhones and iPads last for years which is why iPads in particular are not being upgraded by their owners as quickly as Apple might have liked. Personally I have had only 5 macs since 1988 and 2 of those are current. Laughable to think that would have been the case had i been a PC user as I know from my friends and colleagues.

  2. Apple with version 1 is putting semi-powerful features in a slightly streamlined, yet yawning watch-like form that is thick on the wrist.
    We all know it will eventually get thinner and streamlined and slightly curved and modern on the outside, while getting more powerful and slowly more standalone on the inside. Knowing this, I will have trouble purchasing version 1 and will wait for version 2. I am afraid I am not alone in this, so I hope a lot of folks buy version 1 so there is a version 2. Meanwhile, though underpowered an under OS’ed,
    Samsung at least has a curved, streamlined, modern form factor to build upon with their latest watch. Apple has gambled, targeting watch wearers first, hoping others will jump on board

    1. In general, Apple’s first attempt is better than Samsung’s third generation. Yes, the Apple Watch will get thinker, lighter, sleeker, more capable, and more refined in the future. But plenty of people will buy the first generation product.

      What do you mean by “under OS’ed”? Would Android or Tizen make a device “over OS’ed”?

    2. What are you talking about, the Gear Smart Watch or the Gear fit? Both ? The former is hardly a beacon of style, the curved screen or otherwise, haven’t seen one for real but from images the curved screen doesn’t seem to offer a good viewing experience and certainly not anything special in appearance (if that is modern and streamlined I will give up my design career thanks) but clearly would like a hands on experience before writing it off completely. The original mock ups I saw from 2013 looked far, far better to the reality actually. The ‘Fit’ looks nice actually but is not a serious contender as a Smart Watch, being more for specialist sport use and that being the case could have been far more exciting style wise.

  3. Was referring to their latest Gear, which I think is not out yet. I am not a Samsung fan of anything they make, I just said their device has a modern, slim look that may appeal to ten billion teenagers in appearance only, which is the first impression. Apple is gambling targeting watch wearers first with a very thick device. Many don’t wear a watch because they whack it on everything….I expected thinner and curved and streamlined, but this is version one out the door, so we all know it will get thinner, and I will wait for that. Margins have to be huge to gamble on the rich buyers rather than the usual upper middle class focal point.

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