Apple stock has slid 11% over the last 6 weeks

“Energy stocks have led the market lower in the past week, but Apple Inc. — the largest stock by market cap — isn’t offering any support,” Victor Reklaitis reports for MarketWatch. “It’s down more than 10% from a November peak, putting the stock in what’s often called correction territory. Is Apple mostly a victim of the market selloff? Or is the iPhone maker helping to lead the way lower?”

“While the S&P 500 has dropped 4.2% from its record close on Dec. 29, Apple has fallen 6.7% over the same five-session period,” Reklaitis reports. “Apple has sunk 10.7% from its Nov. 26 record close, touching levels last seen in late October. Many market watchers describe a drop of more than 10% as a correction, and Apple earned that bearish label with a slide on Monday, then added to its losses Tuesday before rebounding.”

Reklaitis reports, “Even with its recent slump, Apple is still up 36% over the past 12 months, outperforming the S&P 500, and it’s likely to remain the stock that retail investors hold and trade the most.”

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  1. It’s true there are a lot of down tech stocks but Microsoft has barely budged more than a few percent. It’s obviously holding up a lot better than Apple due to stronger investor support. There’s no way Microsoft is making more profits than Apple and its mobile initiative is pathetic. Wall Street simply thinks Microsoft is a better investment than Apple no matter how many iPhones Apple sells and I’m at a bit of a loss as to why this is so. Possibly a continued lack of confidence in Apple’s management? Microsoft is selling less software and yet the value has gone up considerably over the past year. Go figure. Not one cry of doom for Microsoft.

    1. Someone on this forum stated a year or so ago that many think Microsoft has a monopoly and is percieved as a safe investment. Most that contribute to this site know that the tech world has dramatically shifted in the past few years and folks spend much more time on their mobile devices than they do with traditional computers. Apple, Google and their partners dominate the mobile landscape. This means Microsoft’s computing monopoly is no longer a valid reality.

      Almost the same thing is occurring with Google right now. Their monopoly on advertising dollars is drawing to a close as other platforms like Facebook take more of that pie.

      It seems many investors are either stuck in the past and/or can’t see the dramatic shift occurring in the market. It also appears this change is accelerating. One recent example is the large amount of accessories, gadgets, etc. coming out of CES 2015 that connect with Apple devices and software. Do these bounty of products connect with Microsoft’s stuff, Blackberry’s or all of Android’s hardware? The tech universe has chosen the Apple ecosystem. Will more of the investor community do the same?

  2. i love these articles gloom and doom for 3 paragraphs and then the last line to cover the authors A** and leave him just short of actually saying anything, personally i smell bull sh!$

  3. Clearly the brokers are dragging the stock down so they can buy into cheap positions. Then they will tell their clients to buy into the stock once Apple’s earnings are released. The fund managers will do the same with their clients money.
    It’s a tried and tested way to bank solid cash with very little risk.

    1. Or when the Apple hype/rumor machine puts the pedal to the metal again. This might have begun today with the “rumors” of two new products slated for near future releases (Apple Watch and a newly designed MacBook Air). Will this be the second coming of AAPL stock ramp (the stock typically increases a couple of months leading into the iPhone reveal)?

  4. Energy stocks have nothing to do with Apple. Oil has nothing to do with Apple. If anything down oil prices are good news as shipping costs could go down since fuel costs are lower. There is no reason for Apple to be down. Not one reason. There Christmas quarter will be in record territory again. There are still lines for the iPhone 6 and 6plus. Macs are still selling well. I don’t understand why there would be any doom and gloom news about Apple. Microsoft hasn’t gone down much because it isn’t worth much to begin with right now.

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