Apple’s ‘spaceship’ Campus 2 construction progress revealed in 4K drone video

“Apple admirers keen to see how the company’s ‘spaceship’ campus is coming along now have another video to view, with the latest drone-made production landing on the Web over the weekend,” Trevor Mogg reports for Digital Trends.

“As with earlier drone videos showing the developing campus, the distinctive circular shape is clear to see, as is the enormous scale of the project,” Mogg reports. “The completed campus will spread across 176 acres and is set to include four floors of office space, a research and development facility, fitness centers, dining facilities, a 1,000-seat underground auditorium, and jogging paths throughout its extensive grounds.”

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Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac, “If you’ve picked up a 4K monitor (or 5K iMac!), you can check out the three-minute video in all of its high-res glory below.”

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  1. This video looks terrible on my MBPro retina display. Is this the way 4K video is going to look on a non-4K screen with some kind of reverse dithering? Ugh!

    1. It’s YouTube, so you can just pick the correct resolution. Click that gear icon and choose the best resolution for your display (I think it would 1440p on a Macbook Pro retina.)

      Using a higher resolution than your display is just going to look bad, waste bandwidth, and waste computer resources because it obviously has to be scaled down.

  2. How long before Apple gets tired of trespassing by Quadcopter?

    As the owner of a couple of Quads I wonder at the stupidity of so many who are abusing the technology. When the Feds come down hard on all of us because of some foolish and careless people they will all be bitching about heavy handed regulation.

    No higher than 400 feet and away from obvious hazards to aircraft operations and the public is already the rule.

    Click to access AC_105-2E.pdf

  3. Good grief. Look at the size of the thing! That drone view was pretty good because it shows its sheer scale (and the fact that there’s nothing like it anywhere on Earth).

    Of course there’s Stonehenge, Carnac, the markings on the pampas in Peru/Chile; the Large Hadron Collider and the Very Large Array of dishes for listening to outer space, but future archaeologists are going to be staggered (as all of us will be), at this massive earthworks and enormous construction.

    I do hope that Steve & Co., when commissioning the thing, told the designers to put engines in it — ready for take-off — like that ship on Prometheus (!).

    Silly, I know. However, it will be one of the worlds outstanding wonders when it’s completed. It certainly looks like they’re building something that’s not necessarily designed to stay on the planet surface, doesn’t it?

    Who wouldn’t want to travel to Cupertino, California, just to see such an astonishing and colossal marvel of civil engineering like this?

    I’m pretty sure there’ll be organised tours to see the new Campus 2. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes. Maybe I’ll press my ear to the wall and listen for a steady ‘hum’, just to make sure.

    Won’t you? 😜

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