Apple devices hit record high in China; Samsung headed south

Benedict Evans’ “connection with one of Silicon Valley’s premier venture capital firms (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.) gives him access to data that’s not always publicly available,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Like iOS and OS X device share data as seen by Baidu, China’s leading search engine,” P.E.D. reports.

“FOLLOW-UP: Evans says these numbers are available on Baidu’s developer site, although I couldn’t find them,” P.E.D. reports. “‘I never post anything that isn’t public!’ he says.”

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  1. I think they mean further south as in hellish regions. Or at least it will seem like hell for Shamdung as kismet, fate and karma at last visit this blatant copying manufacturer, without an original idea in it’s head and capitalizing on the work of others.

  2. I finally gave Android another shot with the Oneplus One (thanks to Lollipop) and it’s pretty good. I don’t get why Android peeps would buy their cheap feeling handsets. This phone feels 100% better built and was half the price. Samsung is fucked, these chinese OEM’s are making better phones with stock or light mod Android (no Touchwiz nastiness) for a fraction of the cost of their flagship devices. They are just as good and better in many ways.

    I’ve always maintained that Android is like Windows except Google makes money when people use their services rather than a licensing fee that MS got out of every OEM on the PC side. Apple will be Apple, they will have a minority share of the most valuable customers and brand/product strength to keep their prices up and margins lush. The big difference is that a minority share of 15-20-25% in phones is a MASSIVE number of units per year and if they can keep margins over 35-40%, they are going to come to own 90+% of the profit share in handsets. Samsung was the only other company to be able to make meaningful profits out of all the Android OEM’s, but they are getting pummelled by Apple at the high end and by Chenese OEM’s at low end (as well as the high end due to comparable flagships at half the price). They are stuck in the middle trying to defend both their flagships and their entry level garbage phones, that strategy won’t work because their cost structure is high and they just won’t be able to compete without imploding their profits.

    With Android everyone loses except Google. You’d think OEM’s would smarten up after Microsoft took all their profits with Windows for 30 years. I guess fear of the iPhone prompted them to get into bed with Google to get out short term competitive products at the expense of long term profit preservation.

      1. Thats true but over the long run I think they’ll make sizeable profits from android advertising. Their services are so embedded in the os that its practically impossible to do many functions without engaging with their servers in some way. Android was a way to control their destiny at the os level for the future of computing, and they accomplished that. Android is the new Windows.

        I see android like googles YouTube investment, I rember reading that YouTube hadn’t made money and it was a poor investment for how much google paid. I remember thinking at the time that it was an amazing acquisition asnyoutube was well on itsbwad to becoming the defacto standard in video streaming on line and if Google played their cards right that it would be anoyher massive advertising platform for them. And it was. Android will bear fruit for them over the long term and more than anything they can make sure their services are front and center on the largest mobile platform in the world. They control their destiny, just like ms did with windows.

        1. I’m sorry, Zaheer, that’s a very poor analysis incorrectly based on a premise that Google advertising does (or will) make good profits from the Android platform.

          In reality, all the evidence confirms that Android end-users are mostly cheapskates, unaffected by advertising and expect the whole ‘experience’ to be free.

          They are far from any businesses ideal customers and that’s where it all falls down, of course. Sorry.

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