Apple’s iPad shipments in 2014 could be 8% below 2013

“Apple Inc. is expected to suffer its first decline in iPad shipments since the tablet’s launch in 2010, further evidence that the device is being squeezed by larger-screen phones,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

“Even with the traditionally strong holiday season still to report, it is expected to ship nearly 68 million tablets in 2014, according to market intelligence company ABI Research,” Booton reports. “While that’s still an impressive number, it would mark an 8.1% decline from the 74 million shipped a year ago.”

“While 2014 proved mostly a disappointment for tablet vendors, ABI Research predicts a better environment for shipments in 2015 as more businesses adopt tablets in the workplace. It forecasts a 16% year-over-year increase in shipments to 194 million units worldwide,” Booton reports. “It didn’t say whether it thinks Apple will benefit from the recovery. However Apple is strengthening its efforts in the enterprise segment, including partnering with IBM to build more than 100 apps over the next year aimed at the workplace.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote of Tuesday:

iPad is a victim of its own spectacular early success. 250 million iPads have been sold to date. Tablets last longer than the two-year smartphone cycle. Therefore, the “slowdown” of iPad sales is natural.

Apple doesn’t play the “market share for market share’s sake” game. Apple’s share of quality tablet customers is and will remain exceedingly high, just the same as in personal computers, personal media players, and smartphones.

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  1. The iPad Air 2 is an amazing device. But the iPad retina I have is still perfectly useful and there is no reason to replace it. And although I’m typing this on an iPhone 6, I don’t need to buy every new apple device as soon as it comes out.

    1. It doesn’t matter if Apple’s profit margins are higher. What matters to Wall Street is that another one of Apple’s product lines is dying. Apple now has two failing products (iPod and iPad) which they consider most significant. Wall Street can now claim Apple has become the ultimate one-trick pony.


  2. Perhaps the introduction of a larger screen iPad will alter the predictions of decline in the iPad category. Certainly this writer will buy one and it will complement the present inventory of iPads, iPhones and Macs. Clearly some will want to buy a larger iPad in preference to a laptop. With the introduction of a 12″ iPad it would be foolish to predict a decline in the iPad sales for 2015.

  3. New big iPad with new Pen with new productivity apps will push iPad forward in 2015. Also, what about iTunes serving up 4k content, movies, TV, using .H265 and the 12″ iPad could deliver 4k pixels. Now everyone can easily have a mobile 4k TV.

  4. Another issue with looking at ipad sales in isolation is that the product lines are beginning to blur. Some people are buying a macbook air instead of an ipad because the air has gotten so light and small. Others are buying the iphone 6 plus wich serves all their needs. As an investor, do you care? Not as long as Apple makes the sale. I think you are going to see very strong numbers overall for the quarter just ended.

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