Apple silently pulls Photos app from

“The Photos app has been mysteriously pulled from the site, in the last few days,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The app, which shows pictures stored in iCloud Photo Library, is now no longer listed on the homepage when logged in … with no comment from Apple to explain the disappearance,” Mayo reports. “Although this is only speculation, it seems like Apple’s servers experienced a problem in the last few days that caused the application to fail and has now removed the option to open the app completely until it is fixed.”

Mayo reports, “There is also the possibility that this signals the release of the native Photos app for Mac OS X is imminent…”

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    1. Either you haven’t been around Apple very long or you have selective memory. I’ve been around since the mid 80s and know from experience this ain’t the first time Apple’s pulled something – not by a long shot. And it probably won’t be the last, either. Shit happens, and haters gonna hate.

    2. There is something to this. I’m still having issues with Mavericks Mail not updating new email (without taking all accounts offline, then bringing them back online). Not moving to Yosemite quite yet for software compatibility reasons.

      1. Mavericks had my Mail in a mess. I constantly had the beachball running with it, and it took forever to open.

        Once I upgraded to Yosemite it was perfect. I would have personally driven a stake through the heart of Mavericks.

        1. When you don’t use software correctly because you don’t read the setup instructions and you expect things to happen that aren’t supposed to, you will have problems. I have a long history with people like you who can’t get software to work and manage to corrupt it by deleting critical components. They ALWAYS blame Apple for a self created fault that Apple has given them setup instructions for (or even automated for them) and the user does not follow these simple directions.

          Don’t forget: Always blame someone else when YOU mess things up.

          1. You’re full of crap. What the hell do you mean by “Deleting critical components”? I upgraded my operating system just like I always do and Mavericks was simply wonky when it came to Mail. As for your “long history” I imagine it involves bullshitting people into thinking you know what you’re talking about.

    3. While I don’t agree 100%, certainly under Cook and the yearly OS release schedule, they are shipping code before its time, half-baked, buggy and the “it just works” is in dispute.

      I’ve been a user since my Lisa and the last couple of years the number of incidents has increased beyond the norm.

      Forget about Apple activism, new rocket fuel digs, Wall Street and the idle cash pile — fix the damn code, Apple. And release it later than sooner …

      1. Yes, I think the voice of dissent is leaning a bit more towards those sentiments.

        It has to “just work” overall. Bugs yes that happens, a fall yes that happens. A Windows experience no that should not happen.

        It’s not a speed race, it’s a race of excellent.

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