The 10 top-searched stocks of 2014: Apple No. 1

“We’re looking at your top-searched stocks of 2014 and Apple (AAPL) was number one,” Shawna Ohm reports for Yahoo Finance. “There’s no doubt it was a big year for the company and you might just say it was the year of Tim Cook.”

“As Yahoo Finance Senior Columnist Michael Santoli points out, Apple had a big year outside of just launching new gadgets and operating systems. ‘They started buying back a pile of stock, they took on debt. They answered a lot of the critics on all those fronts,'” Ohm reports. “In case you missed it, Apple split its stock this year, dividing shares up in sevenths and bringing the share price below $100. It’s also the biggest company in the world, with a market cap above $640 billion.”

Ohm reports, “With the personal computer and tablet market slowing, the pressure may be more intense than ever for Apple to keep its innovation train running at full speed, even after a big 2014.”

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