Why 2015 will be the year of the Apple

“Apple broke sales records in 2014 with bigger iPhones, then satisfied long-time fans with a Retina iMac and an updated iPad—all great products, but we’re looking ahead to 2015, when we expect to see even greater releases out of Cupertino,” Macworld writes.

Why 2015 will be the year of the Apple:
• Apple Watch
• HomeKit and HealthKit
• Apple TV
• Beats Music

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  1. The Health app on my iPhone 6 is horrible. I’ve entered information, information has come from Withings and its all disappeared on multiple occasions. The app freezes going from Dashboard Empty” to any other button. Very disappointing.

    1. Which mean Apple is a trillion dollar company next year, huh?.
      Amazing with great news of Apple today with 51% of new devices activation could not immune AAPL from plummeted along with the market.

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