Forbes’ Kelly: Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus is 2014’s best smartphone

“I’ve surprised myself. Had you asked me before December which smartphone I would have found the most interesting and important of 2014 Apple’s massive 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus would not have been on the list,” Gordon Kelly reports for Forbes. “But my how times change.”

“The iPhone 6 Plus nails all the smartphone essentials,” Kelly reports. “Camera: Not the highest resolution smartphone camera of 2014 by a long shot, but easily the most consistent; the iPhone 6 Plus (largely unaffected by the ongoing iOS 8 bugs hampering older models) is consistently the fastest phone in real world use; The iPhone 6 Plus also has the best battery life of any smartphone I’ve used this year.”

“Most importantly what has swayed me to the iPhone 6 Plus is its potential,” Kelly reports. “iPhone 6 Plus apps distinguish themselves from the iPhone 6 in landscape mode and it allows developers to code apps specifically for phablets… [And with Apple Pay] Apple has pulled its familiar trick of coming from nowhere to shake up something rivals have been trying to get right for years. 2015 will be massive for Apple Pay.”

Full article here.

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  1. My how times change, never would have imagined Gordon Kelly saying this.

    Should we expect a follow up article explaining how this is actually a problem for Apple?

  2. I personally love the toll all this must be taking on the clueless Fandroid idiot who is sinking fast into the quicksand of 32-bit Antique Dealer, low profit, vanishing R&D quicksand.

    At last these vacuous, geektard, ADHD/ADD gyrating and social misfit boneheads are getting their rude desserts – most likely permanently.

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