Apple was doomed at the start of 2013 – and now it can do no wrong

“Apple was doomed at the start of the year. Now it can do no wrong,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune. “What the hell happened?”

“‘Fire Tim Cook: Too Little, Too Late, Too Stupid,’ sneered a headline on the TheStreet exactly one week after Apple reported mixed Q1 results and got $41-per-share haircut,” P.E.D. writes. “By the end of 2014, Tim Cook was CNN’s CEO of the year, the Financial Times‘ Person of the Year and a Time Magazine POY runner up. The stock meanwhile, had split 7 for 1, grown 40%, and added nearly $200 billion to Apple’s market value.”

“What the hell happened?” P.E.D. writes. “Here’s what I remember…”

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  1. Tim Cook is CEO of the year only by left wing liberal rags because cook is gay and speaking in Alabama for gay rights. More gay addenda nonsense when apples programming is at an all time low. Porogramming botch of the day, #1: the finder search engine never results in your search word in the results at the top. It’s always buried in the middle of hundreds of others in a huge list of results which when sorted by name still doesn’t put what you searched for up top. Try it.

    1. Apple has made a few software mistakes, lately, but is it *really* that bad?

      Apple has a much more complex ecosystem than it did just a few years ago with more advanced software functionality, and it has been releasing hardware and software products at a furious pace. I, too, encourage Apple to refocus on quality as the top priority over new functionality. But I do not believe that the situation is nearly as dire as you portray it.

      Also, Vegas51, you can take take your ignorant labeling and bashing and shove it up your bunghole.

      1. I’m thinking Apple really needs that new campus. They may be understaffed in certain areas and maybe programmers and testers are not able to communicate as effectively as they need to be doing. I would think that no matter what Apple does, there are going to be problems that slip through. Microsoft worked on Windows for years but problems cropped up on every new release. It’s probably not that easy to put out a perfect piece of software. Some bug or glitch will always pop up if enough people use it. I think it’s important for a company to correct the problem quickly after it is found.

        1. I still get iOS8 mobile Safari crashes on my iPad 3 when I pinch zoom in and at other times. Would love for these to go away. They’ve been around awhile, even in iOS7. But really overall my Apple mobile & desktop experience for the most part is topnotch.

        2. There will always be bugs in software. But with Apple, they are neglecting some very basic elements and aspects. Dust is collecting on areas of Finder, for example, because they are more focused on the “next great thing”, but Finder is used by EVERY Mac user. Where is the ongoing love and refinement? Certain Linux distros are much better at file management and software updated than OS X is now. In my opinion, this is where Apple should be focusing… top-to-bottom, not just top.

          1. There will always be bugs but for Apple there is less excuse. 1) they have the money, 2) they already don’t march to the beat and demands of Wall St, and haven’t for years, 3) we’re paying a slight premium and can damn well demand better, and 4) unlike say Microsoft, Apple only writes software for an extremely limited number of hardware combinations. On the iOS side it is especially inexcusable, since they only support about 16 devices (storage differences aside) with no ability to upgrade components after purchase.

    2. First, if you’re going to pop off like that, learn good grammar and spelling. Second, Tim Cook supporting gay rights is irrelevant to his management of Apple. I admire his courage. Third, your Finder issues could be a result of a corrupted Spotlight index. This is actually easy to fix. Also, you can go into the Spotlight preference pane and turn off the types of search results that you don’t want to show up in your search. Instead of being a troll, why not look for solutions to your technical issues? There are a lot of really smart people both here, and in Apple’s support forums who could help you. And of course there’s AppleCare and Mac Geniuses in the Apple stores. Learn some good manners before asking for help. It will go a long way.

  2. This place is full of stock owning faggot fan boys who will never acknowledge an Apple error, or God forbid their stock price plumits! I own all Apple devices and call the problems accurately. Programming botch of the day #2: ios lock screen photos no longer move and scale but are locked in a zoomed in version and you can only zoom in further. This started in iOS 7.0. I was able to test an iOS 6.0 lock screen photo on a work friends iPhone 4 and it worked fine. Apple fucked this away on iOS 7.0 so app makers could make “fix” apps while Tim Cook was sucking dicks in Alabama. My view is not myopic by the way…. Faggots.

      1. In turn, you should take your Christian-bashing BS somewhere else. But you’re the kind of person who demands respect for your beliefs and causes, and then denigrates those who believe differently than you. Which means that you’re nothing more than a hypocrite. You have my pity.

          1. @Elmo Blatch:
            Using the language you used (pussy) like you did shows your distain for women in general and all of humanity that were born from women. Your disgusting use of language is indicative of someone with low self esteem and lack of language skills.

            Perhaps you can be forgiven if you are a 12 year old boy who is finding your identity and that you fear the world finding out how horribly flawed you are.

            1. @Women being put down…

              Dude, you are on such a psychotic kick its not funny. You do realize that a pussy is another name for a cat as well as your foul minds version. Pussy cats being more likely to run than stand their ground.
              Plus you used words like “disgusting, low self esteem, lack, and horribly flawed”. Does this indicate that these words are a main focus in your self view??? The way you write, it would seem so.

              Anyway, everyone,except trolls, Have a great new year.

            2. Awww, did I hurt your little feelings with my big bad words? Chill out and stop being such an easily offended cry baby. Nothing in any of my statements put down Christians or Women in any way, shape, or form. Unless of course you’re someone who’s just dying to be offended by someone on the internet. Cut your outraged victim routine.

    1. You’ve made some good points regarding some Apple problems. If you would leave out all the gay-bashing, your points would be better received by civilized readers. Wait…

      Methinks thou dost protest too much…

      Are you, by chance, gay?

    2. Correction: people here DO in fact acknowledge Apple issues and are not mindless automations just because they take issue with you. You’re just so smart you just lost whatever zero credibility you had and in troll fashion put yourself in the lower ranks of ultra-moron we can dismiss. You do yourself no favors hurling the type of insults only you are worthy of. Maggot.

    3. Just because you have a very small dick doesn’t mean you should go around calling folks faggots. Unless of course, your having a very small dick doesn’t actually matter to you all that much but rather the fact that you have forbidden sexual desire for other men. In that case, it is pretty normal for you to lash out with ignorant homophobic rants. So which is it anyway?

    4. Vega51: You made three homosexual references (that I could identify) in your bigoted diatribe. Homophobia is clearly your main message. And I have to point out that the louder the homophobe, the more likely that who they’re really hating on is… THEMSELVES. You might take notice of the message of your behavior. Kinda obvious.

  3. ‘What the hell happened?’

    1) Loser analcysts blethered Apple Bear Bullshit. They know no better. Pity them.
    2) Scammer stock manipulators shoved down AAPL pricing so they could buy big and cash in on PAY DAY. And they did.
    3) The usual Apple-Hate from people who:
    – a) Have no clue about Apple
    – b) Are hell-bent determined to force the world to do things WRONG, instead of the Apple way. I call these people ‘biznizz bozos’ and they are rampant in our current sad age of ‘Screw Thy Customer’. No Apple doesn’t do things that way and never will. How sad for you haters. 😛

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