The Telegraph’s top technology highlights of 2014: Apple Watch

“It had been quite some time since the last major launch by Apple. We’ve had updated iPhones and iPads, but these are minor compared to entirely new devices. Which was probably why the buzz around the rumoured ‘iWatch’ was so big,” The Telegraph reports. “It was beaten by a host of other companies who had long ago launched smartwatches, but Apple has a history of entering markets late and then totally redefining and dominating them.”

“The Watch will come in three models and two different sizes, and will integrate with the iPhone to offer a range of apps and features. It will even be able to pay for goods and services with a tap via Apple’s Pay system,” The Telegraph reports. “Sadly, for those who were impressed by the unveiling and hoped to get one for Christmas, it won’t go on sale until February 2015.”

Apple Watch
On the back of Apple Watch’s case, a ceramic cover with sapphire lenses protects a specially designed sensor that uses infrared and visible-light LEDs and photodiodes to detect your heart rate. Apple Watch uses this sensor, along with an accelerometer and the GPS and Wi‑Fi in your iPhone, to measure myriad types of physical movement.

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  1. Just more speculation. While I’d love to see the  Watch in February, I really don’t expect to see it before the end of March. Also remember April itself has only said “early 2015” and “spring 2015”, which could mean as late as 21 June.

    1. “wireless & synch debacles.” ??? Are you really sure you know what that terms mean??

      Oh wait, maybe your right and Apple only sold a few hundred iPhones this fall???

      As far as a sales rush, I would say not so much. The price is very high for the average customer and no subsidy. Just a thought.

  2. A top technology award for something that has not been released yet, and for a device that the late and great Steve Jobs had nothing to do with.

    Hmmm, this Tim Cook, he’s quite the leader, let’s hope that these smart watches sell like hotcakes and make money hand over fist for Apple. With great leadership it should.

    1. I am looking forward to accessorising the Apple Watch with gold-veined quartzite, rose feldspar, & polished hornblende; proudly displaying each gleaming wristlet upon my lissome forearm.

      In other words, showcasing my favourite rock bands.

  3. Hmmm, I wonder how you will be able to adjust the band since the picture doesn’t show any pins, screws, or bars to remove the links. Maybe they just don’t want to mar the clean lines in the rendering for advertising purposes.

  4. So, a top technology highlight of 2014 is a device that won’t be available until 2015. Got it.

    Sure, the Apple Watch is cool and all, but I think this publication is being a little impatient.


    1. As I wrote elsewhere –
      The entire fashion industry is predicated on new seasonal designs and that does lead to obsolescence; — decoration gets old fast and must be refreshed. Tech innovation follows a different pattern, one more aligned with function than form, but it too has its cycles. Apple, coyly playing with both at the same time, (no doubt with an industry-disrupting mindset), is conflating the calendars of both industries, introducing Apple Watch in September with a runway event, similar to apparel shows anticipating Spring. ( emphasis added)

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