Apple’s iTunes Store sits out Sony’s release of ‘The Interview’

“Google Inc’s decision to screen Sony Pictures’ film The Interview may help legitimize its YouTube platform as a serious rival to paid video streaming services, Netflix and Inc.,” Malathi Nayak reports for Reuters.

“Sony Pictures made the controversial film available online on Wednesday, expanding distribution of a comedy that triggered a destructive cyberattack against the company that has been blamed on North Korea. The studio reversed its decision to halt the movie’s release after it was criticized for self-censorship,” Nayak reports. “‘This is a huge opportunity for YouTube to show the world that it can be used to release professional content and content that is paid for as most people think YouTube is for free content,’ said James McQuivey, an analyst who covers the disruption of digital platforms at Forrester Research.”

“In addition to YouTube Movies, Google Play, and Microsoft’s Xbox Video, the comedy will be available on a dedicated website,, to rent for $5.99 or buy for $14.99, Sony Pictures said on Wednesday, a day after agreeing to release it at some 200 independent theaters,” Nayak reports. “Apple’s iTunes store was noticeably not on Sony’s list. ‘If I were at Apple, I would think twice about re-inviting hacking troubles, which is so embarrassing especially when you’re about to get into personal health and Apple Pay. You really want to show people you can preserve their information,’ McQuivey said.”

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  1. I read more BS about this issue in the last few days then almost any other issue ever. This article is total BS.

    My bet is Sony didn’t want to pay Apple’s 30% cut.

    Apple afraid of being hacked? Yeah, right.

    Put Forrester Research in the category of not knowing their butt from a hole in the ground.

    1. It’s been said that Sony reached out to Apple first. However it happened, this is a black eye on Apple. It also hurt Sony, because there is no way I’m giving Google my credit card info, so there is one rental that will not happen until the movie shows up on iTunes.

  2. Still this is one of the most pathetic movies made this year. For it to cause this much trouble is sad. Rogan has recycled the same jokes over and over now so this is what happens when you run out of frat boy potty humor ideas. The whole cast and crew obviously smokes way to much to have any real creativity left.
    I just wonder what would happen if someone made a movie naming Obama as a target for assassination and succeeded what the consequences would be. So I get why any country or leader would be pissed. Every country has Internet warfare and spying going on. If any movie house was making such a pic about Obama. uSA intelligence would be hacking those studios also. Would Apple pick up a movie like that? I remember six years ago watching a movie about President bush and his assassination. It was evil and full of hate. And the film was only shown mostly outside the USA YouTube will start to allow everything on their platform from viewer uploaded stupidity to corporate videos to tv shows and movie including porn. I hope itunes never gets to that level of crap.

    1. Forget “what-ifs”. In 2006 “Death of a President” depicted the assassination of George W. Bush.

      It won an award at the Toronto Film Festival.

      There was some public outrage, and cheering, one might expect. But no action was taken to harm the British studio that produced the film.

      For a society to open and free there must be an acceptance that bad, tasteless and rude movies are going to made.

      PS- before people criticize Apple for not rushing to get this movie on iTunes, they should question why it was not made available on Sony’s own PS3 and PS4 consoles.

  3. If it was some Oscar caliber Meryl Streep film then Apple would’ve probably jumped at the chance to pay Sony for exclusive rights. Instead it’s just another piece of Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill garbage. I sure wouldn’t have paid for it. Tim must’ve already seen the movie and wasn’t impressed.

    1. I don’t think one needs to watch the movie to decide the movie is of poor taste and not worth watching. Small part of me think Sony realized it too and they came up with a creative marketing scheme.

  4. The most likely the reason the movie is not in iTunes is related to the email sent out by the iTunes Store stating:

    “As a reminder, from Monday, December 22, through Monday, December 29, 2014, iTunes Connect, Application Loader, and iTunes Connect for iOS won’t be available.

    During this time, you won’t be able to submit new apps, app updates, or In-App Purchases.”

    I received that on December 16th. Sony changed their mind on the 23rd, *after* the ability to add things to iTunes Store was already shut down.

  5. From a very reliable source the MS Network got hit hard. Some accounts was hacked into credit card and money in their accounts compromised. Heard that Sony site dropped. Watch out Google Play and YouTube could be next. Apple I am sorry about being hard on you. You played it right by not bending under Sony’s pressure to have it at Christmas. You wanted to make sure you had safe guards in place before showing the movie.

  6. Fill in the blanks “Sony Pictures made the controversial film available online on Wednesday, expanding distribution of a comedy that triggered a destructive cyberattack against the company that has been blamed on North Korea.” by whom???? Any evidence????

    Gee I think I’ve seen this script before. Anyway I’ve heard it’s not a good movie but the next one is going to be great. It’s about these two two leaders of some fifth rate country that decide how far and how fast they can flush their country down the toilet. The first one makes up all sorts of pathetic excuses to invade another country and opens up torture theme parks all over the world while the second one protects him and his gang from any prosecution once it’s found out. Of course it’s total fantasy, no country could possibly be that stupid. I hear it’s going to be hilarious.

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