Apple Watch set to lift fortunes of Hong Kong component supplier AAC

“The anticipated release of the Apple Watch next year could prove a boon for Hong Kong-listed AAC Technologies, the leading supplier of miniature acoustic components to the iPhone and iPad,” Bien Perez reports for The South China Morning Post.

“Analysts expect AAC’s non-acoustic business, led by its haptics motor products, to become a new growth driver for the company as these components are used in more smartphones, media tablets and wearable computing devices like smartwatches, following the launch of the Apple Watch around spring,” Perez reports. “AAC makes a range of miniature, low-power motors that can be integrated with other microelectronic components, such as microphones and speakers, to create better and faster haptic feedback.”

“Daiwa Capital Markets analyst Kylie Huang said the Apple Watch, which she expects to be released late next quarter, has adopted AAC’s haptics products after these were built into the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models. ‘We see AAC starting a major ramp-up of its haptics products as new software apps and designs come into the market next year,’ said Huang, who expects such innovation to raise demand from Chinese brands that have smartphone and wearable products,” Perez reports. “She predicted AAC’s non-acoustic business, which includes miniature antenna products, to contribute up to 35 per cent of total revenue next year, up from an estimated 20 per cent this year and zero in 2012.”

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