Top 3 Apple Pay locations so far: Whole Foods, Walgreens and McDonald’s

“Apple Inc. users have a love affair with organic food, but they don’t mind stretching for a Big Mac sometimes, either,” Jennifer Booton reports for MarketWatch.

“The top three retail locations for Apple Pay users during the first six weeks after the mobile payment service’s debut were Whole Foods Market Inc., Walgreen Co., and McDonald’s Corp new data show,” Booton reports. “Apple Inc.’s share of the mobile payments space shot to 1.7% from its launch on Oct. 20 through the end of November… Whole Foods Market Inc. has arisen as a retail star among Apple Pay, with the organic grocery store chain accounting for 20% of all Apple Pay transactions and 28% of all Apple Pay dollars spent in November,according to industry intelligence company ITG.”

“Walgreen Co. was the second-most popular location for Apple Pay last month with about 19% of transactions and 12% of spending,” Booton reports. “McDonald’s Corp. rounded out the top three with an 11% share of all transactions, though the fast-food joint racked up a much smaller 3% share of total spend, a signal users are willing to use their phones for even marginal purchases.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “BD” for the heads up.]


    1. I think this is because they are those most often mentioned in relation to companies accepting Apple Pay. You go to Walgreens and all their credit card/NFC terminals promo that “Apple Pay is Here!” These three companies are actively promoting Apple Pay and it’s paying off for them. I went to Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. They have NFC terminals and I asked the sales guy if they accept Apple Pay. He said the terminals don’t work; never have. Go figure.

      1. Best Buy is one of those that refused Apple Pay and purposely turned off NFC in their terminals to thwart it.

        On the other hand, I went to Walgreen’s last night for a prescription and used Apple Pay. The clerk was dumbfounded, just like at Home Depot.

      2. Exactly, these are the 3 most mentioned so of course they will be the ones with the most usage.

        Funny that Whole Foods and McDonalds are top 3 though, complete opposite of each other.

        I’ve used  Pay at McDonalds 4 times now, 3 worked flawlessly. 1… the stupid girl at the counter had no clue what I was trying to do, told me that you can’t pay with a phone.. after I told her I used it at this very McDonalds in the past, she offered the “maybe you need to turn your phone on” comment… Manager walked up and he had no clue about  Pay either.. dug out CC and swiped it, used the code on the receipt to complain about it. had a scathing article on McDonalds “training” or lack of.. on  Pay. I guess many McDonalds locations got that stupid one page training for  Pay and figured that since NFC is already on in the store.. they don’t need to train the employees.
        You have to place the iPhone on the terminal before they select Credit/Debit for it to work, from what inc said. once they select credit/debit the NFC turns off..

        My Debit card has the NFC chip in it as well, Bestbuy did have theirs on for a long time when they got the new card readers, it’s never worked.. I’d swipe my card in the mag reader and it would come up saying “NFC not accepted, Sorry” or something, and I’d have to swipe my card again.

      1. That is a head-scratching generalization. I’m totally baffled as to why on earth you would guess liberals are less likely to buy Apple products. Aren’t Apple users and liberals both accused of being elitist snobs? That would suggest liberals are more likely to be Apple users…right? Pretty shaky logic, but I’m sticking with it. 🙂

        1. But Republicans are richer than Democrats, aren’t they? That would imply that conservatives buy more Apple products, because as we’ve been told, Apple users spend far more money than users of other platforms. I mean, if we are crafting gross generalisations, at least follow the money!

        2. I don’t think he was talking about Apple products…..

          “But Republicans are richer than Democrats, aren’t they?”

          there was a article a while back, Republicans tend to be better off as a whole… but the Democrats that were “rich” were RICH. far more wealthy than the “rich” republicans.

  1. I used Apple Pay at Toys-R-Us, yesterday.

    They made me select credit or ATM, approve amount, and sign the screen, ruining the whole experience. I asked what’s up with that? All I got was shrugs.

    1. So silly, right? There is literally nothing for the store to associate your signature with! Next time, I suggest just marking a “x” or making a simple stroke…

    2. Someone explained the reason for the PIN here a while back, it’s the CC company requiring it, not the retailer.

      I’d assume the signature is the same. Granted some retailers may have the signature requirement to cover their own ass…

    1. I switched to Walgreens from CVS because of Apple Pay even though I still have the 5S, just as a matter of principle. I like the Walgreens. The store is nicer and people friendlier.

  2. If companies that accepted it would post that they do more people would use it – If I don’t see a sign I already have my card out so i don’t hold up the line if Apple Pay is not accepted. I do love it where I know it works I just can’t remember what stores us it except Whole Foods and Walgreens.

  3. I can hardly wait until I can pay for gasoline at the pump using Apple Pay. Paying by credit card is more of a hassle than just about anything. Cheaper gas and Apple Pay—what could be better?

    1. I quit going to Lowes a while ago, but yeah one more reason to go to Home Depot.
      At least in my area Lowes online prices are NOT the same as in store.. and they will only match their own price if I complain.. or order online to pick up in store. HD’s prices are always the same in store or online.

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