iPhone user tries Galaxy Note 4, hates it; can’t wait to get back to iPhone

“One longtime iPhone user has posted about his experiences on Reddit of switching to the Galaxy Note 4,” Brad Reed reports for BGR. “While he likes some things about the Note 4, he personally cannot wait to switch back to the iPhone next year.”

“Let’s start with the good: The user thinks the Note 4’s display is ‘off the chain’ and that the inclusion of a microSD card slot is wonderful for anyone who wants more storage,” Reed reports. “And that’s about it.”

“The user calls the Note 4’s stock camera app ‘atrocious,’ says that managing music on the device is ‘a nightmare,’ that the Google Play app store is ‘a cluster f—,’ and the Note 4’s fingerprint scanner is ‘unusable,’ Reed reports. “The whole post is worth reading and can be found [right here].”

Full article, with more about how technologically inept most Android settlers are, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not that we’d make the mistake in the first place, but if we suffered a major head injury or something and then woke up with a shiteous Galaxy Note 4, we’d puke a little in our mouths, then immediately liquidate the thing and pay whatever termination fees were required for freedom instead of subjecting ourselves to an entire year of Samsung crapdroid. (shudder!) Come on, man, life is too short.

Reportedly, this guy also switched from Kobe beef to Walmart ground chuck, traded in his BMW M5 for a Ford Fiesta, and poured his Cardinale down the sink in exchange for a bottle of Ripple. Masochist!


    1. The only criticism of the iPhone that has ever held water for me is the lack of a microSDHC slot or tray on the opposite side of the phone from the SIM card tray. This would be a handy feature. However on second thought, it would open an avenue of vulnerability – so I guess I can live with the limitation if it prevents trouble from crackers. Although it sure would be nice to be able to add memory after the fact.

        1. I think what 6 1/2 was trying to say is that he or she would rather not pay Apple $200 for something they could buy for a tenth of that price and be able to swap the cards out. I have never owned a computer, mp3 player or smartphone that was not made by Apple so it’s not like I’m a hater but I am with OP on this issue 100 percent. The security risks could be overcome, the issue here is greed on Apple’s part.

          1. On that point I totally agree.

            On the main point one has to wonder if it existed at all what the Note would be like if Apple had never shown the way. I just had a shiver thinking about having no choice. Thinking about it Blackberry would now probably be well on the way to eclipsing the Tyrell Corporation.

  1. Read that article yesterday. I got a total bang out of his fingerprint censor experience. Useless piece of JUNK! ScumSung from Sammy. FanDroids tout their specs until blue in their faces. This 64bit transition will be fun to watch crash & burn. MORE POPCORN! Ad some Lollipops in there and maybe a KitKat or 2. Cupcakes and Ice Cream Sandwiches ALL AROUND!!!

    1. Notice Google dropped a fingerprint sensor from its latest Nexus phone, even though it had been previously announced. When the OS developer drops a hardware feature, you know anyone else trying to use one is going to fail miserably.

  2. I had the Note 3 and at first I really liked it. Then after a while there were so many settings and wasn’t nearly as intuitive or simple to use as an iPhone. I went back to the 5s and recently got the 6+ and am much happier. The only thing liked better on the Galaxy were the Widgets. Apple should add widgets as they are a great way to get instant info.

  3. I was headed in the same direction due to years of big screen envy. The rumors of the 4.7 inch iPhone kept me from making the jump; I knew Jony was working to fulfill our wishes of a larger iPhone. Coupled with the fact that Android is just horrendous, I bided my time. Now as I type this on that long rumored device, it was well worth the wait. I finally have the perfect phone and nothing out there evokes the slightest twinge of envy. R2 is at peace.

  4. My old 4S died a few weeks ago. I was desperate for a phone, and the new iPhone was way too expensive here in Brazil, so i committed a sin, I’ve bought a cheap Sony M2 phone. Well, now I can say for sure: what a piece of crap Android his. Nothing really works, phone calls became a nightmare,the proximity sensor does not work very well, lighting up the phone very often, even the system does not work properly, making the call appears as no longer active by showing the number pad as it was waiting the user to make a phone call, so you would be unable to switch back from phone speaker, or even rendering unable to HANG UP, unbelievable, but that’s not even the worst part, the really worst part is to get all kind of weird excuses from people around you that are “fandroids” : oh, you probably have to handle it carefuly than you are used to with iPhones because the screen sometimes is affected by some extra pressure dispatching unwanted events into the interface (what?), oh you must buy a case cause the lens protection gets scratched too easily because it is made out of plastic (what, what??), oh, I now the cam is bad, but who take pictures with a cellphone anyway (whaaaat?), oh at least you now can say that you have freedom from Apple (what?, what?, what?). People lives in denial. As soon as possible I’ll get an iPhone 5, throwing this piece of shit into the deserved place!

  5. screen size was the only thing keeping me using android (nexus) phones in the past. now that my contract was up for renewal I jumped boat and got the iphone. I’ll never go back, that’s for sure….

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