New iOS 8.2 beta 2 video shows fast, smooth, and extremely stable update

“iOS 8 may rank among the most important Apple updates, but it has also become one of the most controversial,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “Major positives likes the introduction of Apple Pay, Apple HealthKit and long awaited support for widgets and third party keyboards have been overshadowed for many by ongoing crippling Bluetooth, WiFi and battery issues.”

“The big hope for users still affected by these problems is iOS 8.2. Expected to arrive in early 2015, iOS 8.2 will be the biggest update since the release of iOS 8 itself and now ‘beta 2’ has been shown off on video,” Kelly writes. “The nine minute video comes from prolific Android and iOS developer Adrian Isen and follows Apple’s release of iOS 8.2 Beta 2 to developers earlier this week.”

“Isen notes it is fast, smooth and so far extremely stable,” Kelly writes. “Everything currently troubled iOS 8 users were hoping for.”

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  1. Unwatchable. He’s just rambling on without a plan, randomly flicking back and forth. Some editing would be nice as well. An excerpt: “Oh, no sound… weird…but, errrr, rons great…wow, that’s cute”

    And then he wants to run Geekbench. “Oh, have to download the app first” and then we get to watch him downloading it.

    WTF? Seriously.

  2. I hope this update fixes an intermittent problem I have where my iOS device suddenly can’t reach anything on the internet. The device says it’s connected to the internet, but any attempt to use the internet (Safari, iTunes, anything) will just hang. The only fix I know is to restart the device.

    It’s not my router, because it’s happened at three different places. It’s not my iPhone, because the same thing has happened on my iPad and my wife’s iPad. So it has to be either the OS or some app we’re both running that’s messing things up.


  3. Same hang up problem here: first attempt to connect to a site will fail and I’ll be sent back to the home page. Second attempt always gets me connected. Indeed, WTF???
    So let’s hope the next iOS update has a solution.

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