iTunes 12: Where’s the repeat button?

“Sometimes you’re playing an album you love, and you like it so much that you want to repeat it,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville.

“There used to be a button in the iTunes window – in what’s called the iTunes LCD, which shows information about what’s playing – that let you do this,” McElhearn writes. “In iTunes 12, that button is gone, and you only see a Shuffle button, just to the right of the album artwork.”

McElhearn writes, “Well, the Repeat button may be gone, but the Repeat feature is still there, tucked away in a menu and sub-menu.”

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    1. when I go to sleep, I like some relaxing music (on repeat).. I’m just not sure why this was ‘hidden’ …

      CTRL-click on the ‘random’ button and there it is.. Then the button reappears.. Dumb.

          1. Well, only true to a point. They have often claimed that their core principle was to surprise and delight their customers and by doing so they’d make money. Well this fails to do so.

    2. Same goes for the “Burn” button. Why Apple deleted this button from the menu, I will never understand.

      And besides, the “Burn” button always reminded me of “Duke Nukem.”

    3. I’d like to know why Apple keeps screwing around with the iTunes UI. Every release they have to change things, hide things, make it harder to use. iTunes is the one Apple product that is un-Apple-like. Apple, quit changing that UI. You are infuriating your customers.

      1. They have destroyed the UI in iTunes. It doesn’t support multiple windows any more so if you want to work on multiple playlists you have keep right clicking and selecting add-to. It’s now so mouse happy and illogical, it ranks right up there with Microsoft’s ribbon in Office. The worst application Apple has and version 10.7 was great. It’s been a disaster and getting worse since 11. I’ve never been so frustrated with Apple as I’ve been over iTunes 11 and up.

  1. Generally speaking I play very little in iTunes, it’s essentially set up as my library for Apple TV and for loading stuff onto my iPhone. Having set up playlists the way I want and them rotating stuff on and off devices based on what I’ve listened to automatically I pretty much leave it to is and don’t really use iTunes. That said, I think this version has been overly simplified – especially for people with large screens. Having to flick between different views and hunt for buttons within submenus is a pain when it all used to fit on one screen. I would really like an advanced view in iTunes.

  2. Not an issue that bothers me, if I want to repeat anything it’s almost always a track rather than a whole album.
    The one thing that’s been removed from iTunes that I feel very strongly about, because it was a facility I used all the time, and that’s the ability to open a second window showing the music contents of a phone or iPod at the same time as the main iTunes library, making it possible to check existing tracks before copying a new addition onto the device and accidentally duplicating a track or tracks.
    IIRC, you double-clicked on the device music listing while holding down shift or command.
    It’s been a while since I could actually do it, so my memory is hazy.
    Every time I go to add tracks it annoys me I can’t have a window open for the device to check its music list.

  3. iTunes has been headed in the wrong direction for a long time, Apple has lost its interest in the program as well as usability. In the first years there was. No right click, we were sold on the idea you just click, simplicity was the big selling point, Apple has walked away from this original concept. App
    E it just works slogan that Steve used to smile and be proud of is lost, now it’s think different because it’s complicated. Deal with it we don’t have to be simple and easy to use anymore,..

  4. It’s another lazy bug in iTunes. Again we’re faced with that dilemma Apple hasn’t dealt with lately:

    1) To Change
    2) To Improve

    Apple’s been into change lately. But unlike the dumbass meme of the last decade, their changes is NOT good if it means ruining functionality. Well DUH Apple! Fix it.

  5. Funny, when i bring forth these truths, fanboys come out of the woodwork to sling the “troll” label and tell me that my experience is wrong.

    The best thing that longtime Apple users can do for Apple today is to tell it to return to what it used to stand for — intuitive, reliable USER-FRIENDLY products. That means calling out where Apple keeps screwing stuff up. The GUI for new apps, iOS, and now Yosemite are all really bad. Common user options shouldn’t be hidden like this.

  6. I really don’t know what Apple think they are doing with iTunes – it gets more difficult to navigate with every update.

    And it has always been impossible for classical music. Try sorting Bach (senior) without getting his sons…

  7. Apple has hoped the interface changes every few years might confuse people enough so they never notice that the core code, complete with bugs, hasn’t changed much in far too long. It needs a complete rewrite.

  8. Jony hates borders, buttons and compartments. His next big idea will be an iMac without speakers and a display as one would not want to mar a slab of machined Aluminum with cutouts for sight and sound- would you.

    In Jony’s world, if your are truly too cool for school you do not need speakers or a display as you should be able to form a mind meld with the machine and if you cannot you are just a loser. Kind of a tech version of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    Jony needs to take his hands off of Software UIs, retire from Apple and go design dresses or something.

  9. I used to really like iTunes. The interface changes in v12 are simply horrible.

    It’s “change for the sake of change,” and the “new” design is less intuitive, inconsistent, confusing, and just worse in every way.

    And I’m not just complaining because they changed it. Change is fine, as long as it’s an improvement. Absolutely nothing about iTunes 12 is an improvement.

  10. Another change for the worse, that nobody seems to have picked up on, is that you can no longer drag’n’drop music from iTunes into the music folder on an iPod/iPhone; you have to click on the circle with the ellipsis after the name of the song, and select where it’s supposed to go.
    Totally counterintuitive and a pain in the ass, TBH.
    The KISS principle that Apple applies to hardware is abandoned where software is concerned, it seems.

    1. The best recommendation here. Bitching and moaning on discussion boards Apple probably doesn’t read doesn’t do any good. is where you should apply your energies. We need to get iTunes back to a usable form and Jony Ive away from anything to do with software.

  11. I really feel that intuitive functionality, which used to be a trademark of Apple, has been blatantly abandoned for the sake of “artistic expression”. iTunes is quickly becoming unusable.


  12. Macworld said it best: “iTunes 12 introduces new look, less intuitive interface”

    I chose not to update from iTunes 11. Why?

    1) iTunes 12 pushes new music streaming rather than continuing to allow the user to curate his own music EASILY with a minimum of clicks

    2) the new main page sucks. Ive seems to want to remove all buttons. For users of big screen, seeing everything from the side bar was far more convenient. Everything takes more clicks than it used to.

    3) For those who want to use only some of the services, Apple keeps pushing what you don’t want. Again, if you want to see just your library, there is no need to have streaming and store links all over the place.

    4) ridiculous errors remain, from the wacky genres to the lack of complete metadata on store-purchased items, to Apple’s continued misunderstanding that the proper date of a song is NOT when the US collection was released, but when the song was actually recorded.

    5) new GUI errors keep coming. you have to use all kinds of keyboard combinations and a multi-button mouse to find half of the functions that used to be easily accessible. VERY unintuitive. Get Info should show ALL the tracks metadata, why doesn’t it???

    In short, Apple just continues to make iTunes harder to use and understand. Ive’s obsession with stark gray buttonless GUIs is absolutely terrible. Aren’t the user comments to Apple clear enough? I don’t know if it’s necessary to split iTunes into separate audio and video applications, but Apple needs to let users continue to employ iTunes as a media collection manager rather than undermining the usefulness of this venerable app’s original purpose.

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