Apple posts updated aerial photo of Campus 2 construction progress

Apple today posted an “Apple Campus 2 Construction & Traffic Update” to the City of Cupertino website.

Motorists can expect traffic delays in the vicinity of the Apple Campus 2 site. Construction work hours are from 7 am to 7 pm weekdays and from 9 am to 6 pm weekends, with additional traffic restrictions (additional lane closures, etc.) occurring between the hours of 9 am and 4:30 pm weekdays.

Apple also updated the Apple Campus 2 site aerial photograph as follows:

Apple Campus 2 Site Aerial
Apple Campus 2 Site Aerial

More info here.


      1. You’re thinking of the subterranean levels of the Roman Colosseum, aren’t you? Having visited the ruins, I agree your comparison is very apt.

        And there are metaphorical components aplenty. Where once Emperor Ballmer ruled and drooled, and turned thumbs down to fallen Apple believers with IT swords pressed to their throats — nowadays, the thrill of combat can be felt in the resurgence of a public voting with their dollars, overruling the dolts who once owned the marketplace but went complacent and soft in the head.

      1. Too far, too much time wasted. Not a compact efficient building in any sense of the word. But apparently spending more money per square foot than Manhattan office towers is okay with Apple shareholders. Weird.

        1. So multiple rectangular buildings on their existing campus is more efficient than one circular all connected building which you can criss cross though the central garden or park beneath it to take elevators up to…? HP Campus 90% asphalt + 10% trees. Apple Campus is OPPOSITE of that. As an Architect, you are very mistaken sir.

        2. I am OK with it. The new Apple campus is a far better use of money than the $B spent on Skype, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, etc.

          This new campus will be the source of great new Apple designs for decades to come. If it inspires Apple engineers and designers with the spirit of Steve Jobs, then it is money well spent.

  1. In 1984 Steve Jobs warned against the nightmare of a totalitarian Orwellian future.
    What of course we didn’t realise was that his own vision was actually for a totalitarian Huxleyian future!

    To the hatcheries, people!

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