Apple Watch yield issues resolved; mass production starts next month

“In October, analyst Brian Blair from Rosenblatt Securities said that the Watch’s production has been set back, and that because it will enter mass production at a later date, the gadget will initially be launched in limited numbers,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games.

“These rumors have now been countered by new data emerging from China, suggesting that yield breakthroughs have been made in regards to several vital components like display and processor,” Matei reports. “Therefore, according to the supply chain sources cited by Taiwan’s United Daily News, instead of the projected end of February start of mass production, the Apple Watch will hit the conveyor belts really soon, in January.”

“Quanta (the company responsible for the assembly of the Watch) has already increased its number of workers from 2,000 to 10,000, while the current goals is set for 20,000 employees,” Matei reports. “Reportedly, the first wave of Watches to be shipped will be of 3-to-5 million units, while Apple expects a total of 24 million Watches to be shipped throughout 2015.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Bill” for the heads up.]


  1. Yes, we should all listen to what the analysts have to say about Apple’s production schedules because Apple is calling them up to let them know what’s going on.

    Did Apple ever give an exact date for the release of the AppleWatch? I don’t recall any such thing. If that’s the case I don’t know how anyone could tell whether AppleWatch was behind or on schedule. Apple could have simply decided on a wide window for sales to start. I don’t see how even a month’s delay would mean very much. If consumers were going to run out to buy some Galaxy Gear or Android Wear device they would have already done so by now.

    1. The worst part of it is: average consumers believe these ANALysts like they are spouting the gospel truth. Can’t tell you how many friends of mine (iPhone owners) fell for Antennagate. Now another friend wants to buy the iPhone 6 but not the Plus because he got suckered by BendGate. Meh.

      1. Tell your friend that I have had the 6 Plus in my front pocket numerous times without a case and have even sat down with it for hours at a time. The bend thing is a bunch of BS.

    2. I seem to remember something stated about a comment from Cook that if taken literally would suggest a mid to late Spring launch which was then said by analysts to be later than originally scheduled. Make of that what you will but this new information may well be a cover for the fact that they got it wrong that there had been a delay in the first place. Whatever these guys say they have a cover story for every eventuality you can bet on that.

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