Google scrapped Nexus 6 fingerprint sensor in failed bid to catch up with Apple’s Touch ID

“The earliest rumors of the Nexus 6, reported way back in July by Android Police, were pretty spot on,” Ron Amadeo reports for Ars Technica. “Google and Motorola (check) were building a 5.9-inch phablet (check), codenamed Shamu (check), to be released in November (check). It would target US carriers (yep), run Android L (uh huh), and have a fingerprint sensor (wait what?).”

“That last one didn’t work out—the Nexus 6 never shipped with a fingerprint sensor. That doesn’t really make the report wrong, though. Back when it was written, the Nexus 6 and Lollipop used to have a whole setup for reading fingerprints,” Amadeo reports. “Methods like ‘FINGERPRINT_ACQUIRED_TOO_FAST’ and ‘FINGERPRINT_ACQUIRED_TOO_SLOW’ in the fingerprint API suggest it supported a “swipe” style fingerprint reader, which, unlike Apple’s stationary fingerprint reader, requires the finger to be moved across a sensor at the right speed.”

Amadeo reports, “A fingerprint service would require new hardware and probably a new version of Android, so check back in 6-12 months.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Touch ID and the world first 64-bit smartphone, the iPhone 5s, debuted on September 20, 2013. Apple’s 64-bit, Touch ID-enabled lineup currently includes: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3. The inferior wannabe platform Android still has no answers.

Fragmandroid. 32-bit antiques perpetually lagging behind the paradigm-creating Apple iPhone – a looong way behind.

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            As for Ballmers Left Nut: There was a debacle that got him tossed of the list, at least using that nick. Some of us appreciated his occasional humor (when he remembered to take his Lithium) but our requests for his pardon did not prevent his banishment. I always wonder if the performance artists behind ZuneTang™ and Ballmer’s Left Nut remain among us under more conservative guises. All I know is they were not I.

            1. I think he really used to be, but he degenerated seriously over time where a lot of later posts were simply negative rants with no substance. (Like… uh… a certain incessant poison-flinger we suffer these days.)

  1. Kudos to Google and Nexus for not following Samsung’s knee-jerk reaction and using the vastly inferior swipe technology that was abandoned by Motorola years earlier. It would be much better for them to wait until they have a product that can compete with Apple’s TouchID.

    Samsung’s hasty ‘Me-Too’ addition of a swipe sensor was an embarrassment and referred to as “comically bad” in one review. Let’s hope Google and Nexus come up with a good design including a secure area for the stored fingerprint data.

  2. From what I remember, the smartphone industry had said that Apple’s Touch ID was no big deal and hardly mattered at all. It was supposedly another Apple marketing gimmick that was worth next to nothing because there were plenty of fingerprint readers before Apple’s Touch ID. I’m sure Touch ID had been downplayed as having little value to anyone.

    Is the mobile industry changing its tune and saying Touch ID is unique and valued? Hardly. I feel Apple will never be able to earn any respect from Wall Street or the mobile industry. Apple can only rely on consumers giving them their due respect.

  3. More Goggle flotsam washing up on the shore, feeding the pile of other abandoned Guzzle crap.

    Anyone remember the old hand scanners from the bad-old-days? You’d drag them across whatever you wanted to scan and crossed your fingers and toes that the speed of your drag was done evenly at the right speed or you’d get resulting image distortion. It was a nightmare.

    That same image distortion nightmare could have been YOUR’S with the Giggle fingerprint sensor! Thank goodness it got scrapped. Terrible idea. 😛

  4. I wondered just how reliable Touch ID would be when I got my iP6+ last weekend, and I’m really very impressed with how well it works!
    I set up four different prints, three on my right hand, and my thumb on my left, and all work faultlessly once I went through the full setup process.
    Genius tech, really well integrated into the phone.

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