Apple: 63% of iOS devices now run iOS 8

“Apple noted [yesterday] on its developer portal that 63% of iOS devices are now running iOS 8,” Sébastien Page reports for iDownloadBlog.

“The data, which was measured by the App Store on December 8, 2014, shows that the adoption rate has gained 3 percentage points since November 24, which was the last time Apple shared that data,” Page reports. “In terms of adoption rate of previous software versions, iOS 7 is a distant number 2 with 33%, and iOS 6 and earlier versions represent a small 4%.”

Page reports, “For comparison, at about the same time last year, iOS 7 adoption rate was at 74%.”

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  1. It’d be helpful if Apple provided the raw numbers as well, because I expect the percentage will drop each year going forward, simply because there’s lot of older iPhone generations that are still fully functional iPhones (especially the 4) out there that can’t be updated to the latest iOS, but can still download backwards-compatible apps from the app store. This year it’s the 4, next year it’ll be the 4S (and there’s still some carriers selling new 4S for $0 on contract as they clear inventory), and then the 5/5c.

  2. Whats the point?! The software is down the drain. It Crashed on me over a dozen times. I have been using iPhones for the past 7 years. I have never seen apps crash, os crash!. Their approval system seems to be an eyewash. Google maps don’t work well, Facebook crashed. Even my wife’s phone keeps crashing and it hardly has over 3 or 4 third party apps. The slide to answer call button fails to work sometimes. Other times it makes random calls. The proximity sensory activation is not as good as it was before. I get accidental inputs while on call and its frustrating.
    Its sad to see what was one an iron clad OS is become a flimsy glass shell. I don’t get the worthy of the premium feels I came to expect from Apple. For now there is no better alternative so I will continue to stick around. But, I am not happy and the market needs a new and fresh mobile os.

      1. I don’t have even had the apps I had in is. Ever since I upgraded to 7 I thinned down my apps to as minimal as possible. But It could be my iTunes too.. And if I restore my phone it says error and I have to use tiny umbrella to get it out of recovery mode. I feel, by adding features they are not able to maintain the iron clad stability they were once famous for.

    1. I don’t have frequent app crashes with iOS8 on my iPhone 5 (other than a corrupted Whatsapp that when launched would indeed crash iOS… deleting and reinstalling fixed that), but iOS 8.0.x was rather glitchy with the Home button sometimes triggering a double or even triple-press action. 8.1 fixed that but then the Camera app would sometimes fail to switch to view photos I just took.

      Unlike Google Maps or Facebook this wasn’t 3rd party stuff, and with such a limited number of hardware variations to test against it’s pretty inexcusable for a company with as much resources as Apple to let things like this slip by their QA.

      In the last few days the wake/sleep button has also become intermittent, thankfully my serial number qualifies it for Apple’s button replacement program.

  3. The numbers are now saying that the adoption rate for iOS 8 is slower than it was for iOS 7 last year. This is very, very unfortunate, but not a big problem for Apple, and it will quickly sort itself out in no more than one year, if the trends so far are any indication, and if iOS 9 comes out without any issues.

    Last two major iOS roll-outs were both plagued by some unfortunate negative publicity. When iOS 7 came about, many traditionalists loudly protested the radical change of look-and-feel, which managed to convince quite many people to stick with iOS 6 (my brother still refuses to upgrade his 4S). When iOS 8.0.1 update came, just a week after iOS 8 was launched, it caused problems with touch ID for some users, which attracted so much negative publicity that many of those still on iOS 7 refused to upgrade to iOS 8. Quite a few of those are still running iOS 7 (or even iOS 6).

    As long as Apple gets iOS 9 right next year, vast majority of iOS 6 / 7 / 8 users will upgrade, and the numbers should be good.

    Let us not forget, by now, all those iOS 6 users of last year, who kept refusing to upgrade to iOS 7, only represent less than 5% of the iOS market share today. In other words, most of them eventually moved on. Same thing will likely happen to the iOS 7 people of this year, who were, or still are, reluctant to go with iOS 8, scared by the media (and the iOS 8.0.1).

  4. Look, the new iPhones, iPods and iPads, when bought and used the first time, are constantly changing the numbers of iOS 8 users.

    As well, the old iPhones, iPods and iPads, that were displaced, are still around, given as gifts or sold line and yet, not many are updated to iOS 8 when repurchasted.

    Think about it.

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