Apple releases iOS 8.1.2

Apple today released iOS 8.1.2 which includes bug fixes and addresses a problem where ringtone purchased through iTunes Store may have been removed from your device.

To restore these ringtones, visit on your iOS device.

iOS 8.1.2 is compatible with the following iOS devices:

• iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
• iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad 2, iPad (third-generation), iPad (fourth-generation), iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display
• iPod touch 5G

The iOS 8.1.2 update is now available as an OTA download.


      1. Does Apple offer a guide for this? You’d think that if Apple wanted everyone to enjoy all the features that make the iPhone a “smart” phone, it would be easier to monitor what is sucking your battery life. Many people I know flip their iPhones to “airplane mode” all the time, because it’s too difficult to determine how to more precisely dial in what apps are sucking the most electrons.

        Ive, we can easily handle phones that are a few mm thicker and heavier. Give us better battery life!!!

        1. If you plug it in facing West with a barometric pressure close to 30% possible rain at an elevation of 200ft above sea level, it will charge 10x faster and last three days. It’s true!

        2. Settings>General>Usage>Battery Usage.

          You will have two ways to see what App is sucking your battery. Last 24 hours or 7 days.

          Been there since iOS 8.0.0, but agree Apple should really point this out.

      1. Further to this: disable FB’s ability to update in the background. I expected that setting would make it update my newsfeed so it’s always fresh when I launch FB, but it always has to reload to fetch new content anyway, so it’s useless for that.

        Rumour is this does something with FB’s VOIP service, but since I don’t use that, all it’s doing is draining battery faster.

    1. When I first started using my iPhone 6, it ran surprisingly hot, and the battery wore down rapidly. I went through a whole charge in less than a day. I took some advice I read online and did a hard reset of the phone. No battery problems since.


      1. Actually.. I had the same issue.
        With the built in screen saver.

        The screen saver would start, go to black screen saying “loading pictures” and do nothing.. Most times I could catch it quick enough before it totally locked me out.
        For whatever reason, it couldn’t find the folder where the pictures were causing the problem. (Folder for my screen saver pics is in the pictures folder locally, not external drive)

        Goto the screen saver settings and the drop down box shows nothing, won’t let you select anything.. Reboot, all works again.

        Had to catch it when you see it or it would crash randomly. I’ve came back 3 hours later and the iMac is still showing loading pictures.. Move mouse and it bypasses the password request…

        But it’s not a Yosemite issue, had it in Mavericks as well. Yosemite has only done it a few times, an update may have fixed it again.

    1. Is that where your sister steals the juicy shrimp you had your eyes on before you can grab it, forcing you to settle for a fishcake? Or does that only happen in anime?


  1. Shortly after getting my iPhone 6, I discovered that call waiting no longer functions (I believe it worked on the earliest iOS8 release, it broke around 8.0.1 or thereabouts).

    Would be really nice if this problem got fixed. I work in an environment where camera phones are not allowed so I need to forward calls to a non-camera phone while in the building. Sucks that call forwarding has not been working.

  2. I hope this fixes an intermittent problem my wife and I have been having with our iOS devices, where the internet just stops working. The internet appears to be connected, but any attempt to access a site or a service will just hang. The only fix I know is a restart. This has happened on both our phones, and our two different model iPads, so it has to be software-related. (I’m wondering if some app we’re running is somehow locking things up.)


    1. I had a similar problem with multiple devices. Turns out my router at home was to blame. Since I wanted a faster one anyways, I replaced it. No more issues now 😉 of course you didn’t say if the internet problem was on wifi or LTE/4G so mileage may vary.

      1. Ain’t the router, because it’s happened both at home and on the road. And the home router is an Airport Extreme, so I doubt that’s the issue. Also, it doesn’t happen often enough to be a hardware issue, IMHO.

        The last time it happened, I tried turning off the WiFi, using only cellular, and I still couldn’t reach anything on the internet. Something has the internet stack locked up.


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