Cook, Zuckerberg meet China’s ‘Cyberspace’ minister in U.S.

“The head of China’s Internet regulator met with the chief executives of Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Inc. during a recent visit to the U.S., according to a government-run website,” Edmond Lococo report for Bloomberg.

“Lu Wei, minister of the Cyberspace Administration of China, visited the companies’ offices, according to the report by, which is under the State Council,” Lococo report. “The post didn’t elaborate on the reasons for Lu’s visits or the dates. The report included photos of Lu with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who appears to be showing him a wristwatch-like device… The website also posted pictures with Lu talking to Amazon CEO Jeffrey Bezos. It didn’t provide further details, and representatives at Apple and Amazon couldn’t be reached for comment.”

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg greeted Lu in Mandarin, and Lu found a copy of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s book ‘The Governance of China’ on the billionaire’s desk. While the world’s largest social network has been blocked by China’s censors since 2009, the company is seeking to build up its business selling ads to companies through a Hong Kong office and is said to have leased space in Beijing this year,” Lococo report. “In September, state-run media quoted Lu as saying Facebook ‘cannot’ win access in China anytime soon. While the network is formally blocked, it can be accessed through so-called proxy services or virtual private networks that sidestep government filters. ‘If you are hurting China’s interests, China’s security or you are hurting the interests of Chinese consumers, we won’t allow this to exist,’ Lu said at the World Economic Forum in Tianjin in September without mentioning Facebook by name.”

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  1. Personally, I side with the Chinese government on this one: do you have ANY idea how much time I waste on Facebook every day? They’re saving the Chinese people SO much time! Really, Facebook is a curse (to which I have, sadly, become addicted).


    1. Probably almost as much time as Chinese people waste on Sina Weibo…

      For every Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat and other social networks that exist in the world, Chinese have almost identical lookalikes in China (Weibo, Youku, Ushi…). FOr those who have online access in China, there is plenty of time to waste without Facebook or YouTube…

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