Apple’s 5th Ave NYC store taken over by Eric Garner protestors

Protestors of the recent decision of a grand jury not to indict the NYPD officer who applied a “chokehold” which contrubuted to the death of Eric Garner during an arrest took their protest to Apple’s iconic Appel Store Fifth Avenue glass cube on Friday.

“The protesters staged what Reuters reporter Robert MacMillan called ‘a mass die-in’ inside the flagship Apple Store for about fifteen minutes,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac. “MacMillan tweeted coverage from the protest, which lasted from 6:35 to about 6:50 PM according to the timestamps. MacMillan said that no arrests were made, no looting took place, and the entire event was peaceful overall.”

Beasley reports, “When asked why they had chosen the Apple Store, one of the protesters replied that there was no better place ‘than a big glass building to make a point.'”

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      1. No, he means that that the guy technically he has died of heart failure, though forensics clearly said that it was result of him being chocked to death and ruled the death is a homicide. Even O’Reilly and Beck were surprised that this death did not incur indictment. Only rabid racists would be glad that the murderer went free.

        Prosecutor was in cahoots with police; such cases should be prohibited from being held by local prosecution due to obvious cronyism and careerism, blatant conflict of interest. Even if local prosecutor himself is not racist, he need to work with local police further so he intentionally sabotages indictment, through the case out, while pretending that he does his job. Such cases should be only prosecuted on federal level, otherwise the system is corrupt all around.

        Police state, totalitarian power of government went amok and crazy, they have infinite power to murder anyone at any time without any consequences whatsoever.

        1. Hello. Don’t recognize me?

          That’s OK; I understand.

          My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teenage thugs, who were attempting to rob my mother. They also shot my mother.

          My murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared. There were no riots in Ferguson or in New York.

          A Grand Jury from Brunswick, Georgia ruled the black thugs who murdered me will not face the death penalty. Instead, it was me who got the death sentence from my killers, because my Mother didn’t have the money they demanded.

          See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’.

          Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?

          I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood.

          There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton. If there was he would be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick, Georgia to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me.

          There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black thugs who murdered me. I have no voice, no representation and, unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

          This once great country is being run into the ground by racists who work ceaselessly to turn it up-side-down and in-side-out.

          So while you’re out seeking ‘justice for Trayvon, and Michael Brown, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me. Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Trayvon and Michael Brown.

          I won’t hold my breath.

          I don’t have a breath to hold anymore.

          1. Were these killers set free without even a trial?
            I didn’t think so.

            In other words, these two cases have NOTHING in common.
            I am sorry for this crime victim, as I am for ALL victims of criminal behavior (especially when police are the TARGETS).

            But when those sworn to protect us are the ones doing the harm, and the system all but guarantees that they will get away with it, then it is time to rise up and say enough!

            1. Cases have nothing to do with each other?

              What happened to this child and his mother is light years more important than Ferguson and light years IGNORED by the black race hustlers, the White House and the PC media.

              Yes, racism does exist MAINLY IN THE MEDIA. This case is the classic example and PROOF POSITIVE for all.

              We are all NOT EQUAL.

            2. How clueless and morally bankrupt can you possibly be?!?

              Another dumb dem rooting for your team while elitist elevating yourself and listening to a left wing media because only your causes are important and count.

              No justice for all, is that right Kaplanmike?

    1. Lame. You’re playing a silly semantic game so you can blame the victim, which shows you have a lack of empathy for others. Shame on you.

      The fact is if the cops had not constricted his airway and chest, and if cops hadn’t ignored his statements (eleven times) that he was having trouble breathing, the man would likely still be alive.

      Medical examiner spokeswoman Julie Bolcer said Friday that Eric Garner’s July 17 death has been ruled a homicide. Bolcer says his death was caused by “Compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police.” She says asthma and heart disease were contributing factors.

      1. Yeah it was bad he had the seizure afterwards… But you forget, he was being arrested for breaking the law… And then resisting arrest. He was not innocent in any way.
        If he would have cooperated, he’d be alive.
        The officer and the criminal have met before, not the first time he has been arrested by him.

          1. It was not hazardous to Clive Bundy to not pay for the land to government. If Bundy guy would be black, then he and his friends would be shot by police even if they had toy guns (another couple of recent cases). But since Bundy was white nothing has happened to him and his friends, armed with real guns.

        1. If the police don’t how to arrest someone safely, then they should get a desk job. This applies to any suspect, regardless of resisting arrest or having a possible medical condition.

          For those of us who have heard the “I can’t breathe” shouted at, I could give you a personal lesson. Ambulance arriving at 4 a.m. that I had to call for my brother.

          1. No the police know how to arrest people. But when the people resist and do not cooperate that’s when things get ugly. If the man just let the officers cuff him by following there directions he would NOT had a seizer and would not have died and probably already be home by now. An officer is not going to stop until you stop. If the officer let him go he could grab for the officers gun or a weapon he might have already had on him. That’s why until he stops resisting they won’t let go. Put yourself in that situation. If you know he has a weapon and is fighting you so hard that you have to put a choke hold on him. Would you just let go? This isn’t a game where you can start over. Officers go through a lot of training for these situations. That’s the risk you take if you resist arrest and not follow the officers instructions whether or not you think they are right or wrong. That fight should be left for the courts. Not fight physically with the officers. That makes your problems worse not better. Brown was another one who resisted, fled, then turned on an officer to fight not showing his hands so the threat of a gun or knife was there at that moment. Both of these incidents could have ended peacefully if they followed the officers orders instead of resisting and fighting with them.

            1. True but the police in many places have a bully complex and that is what needs to be fixed.

              Also people who riot and loot for some so called cause are just looters and criminals.

              Peaceful demonstrations are totally possible.

              Just saying.

            2. I’ve never done anything to trigger a policeman to have to use force on me. It all starts with the person who is breaking the law to begin with and resists direction by law enforcement. Have you every heard of a law abiding person cooperating with police being choked to death? Someone is doing SOMETHING to trigger police reaction in the first place. All these cases can be avoided by obeying the law. I’ve been pulled over, I cooperated, took the ticked and drove away unharmed. Doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

            3. It is a relevant question because MacRaven says a bunch of things that are ignorant: “I’ve never done anything…” and “Have you every[sic] heard of…” and “be avoided by obeying the law.”
              It’s as if he doesn’t know how to READ about all the cases where people of color did exactly what they were told by cops, beaten, then charged with some bogus crime. Every now and then someone gets video that shows that the cops completely attacked the person and then lied about what happened. MacRaven is either a flaming racist, a really sheltered ignoramus, or an enabler of white supremacy.

            4. Ah, no, I’m not. Am college educated, I have a black daughter in law, and friends of many kinds: color and sexual preference. No prejudice here. Sorry to disappoint your guess at stereotyping me. And I agree there can be bad cops, but it’s not as prevalent as these protests are making it out to be. Cops have a tough job. Decisions have to be made in split second regarding if a suspect may have intent to kill them, or they could end up dead. Not many jobs that have mistakes that will kill you if you guess wrong or guess correctly too late

            5. @b9bot,

              I agree with what you’re saying, but I’m having a hard time finding that in the video. Anyone with a link to the full unedited video, please post.

              What I’ve seen with the crappy video the media shows over and over, is that no real attempt to handcuff him is made until suddenly a choke hold is applied.

              I’d like to see something prior to this video that shows him physically resisting arrest. Prior to this he’s just verbally resisting arrest.

              He still broke the law, and still resisted arrest, but I’m not sure either that the law he broke or his actions in resisted arrest warranted an arrest procedure so risky that it was banned in New York in 1993.

              What I’ve seen in the videos is that while he shouldn’t have been arguing and should’ve been cooperating, there was no point in which he could’ve surrendered once the confrontation turned physical.

              Again, I’d like to find some footage that shows otherwise.

            6. Pretty sure the crappy video is the only video of the entire event.

              I believe thats why NYC is doing the vest cameras, or at least thats what I thought I heard on the news. (Wasn’t really paying attention)

            7. Cameras are the best idea. Hopefully it will foster better behavior for all involved—both cop and criminal, knowing everything is being recorded.

        2. There is simply no excuse for excessive use of force, because excessive use of force can cause necessary harm to citizens. The video clearly shows the force used was excessive.

          “Do as I say or I will kill you, even if I shouldn’t be asking you to do anything” isn’t law enforcement – it is Terrorism. Police brutality should not be tolerated in a civilized society. This cop has been in trouble before for excessive use of force and other crimes against citizens, and he has been allowed to continue:

          An American citizen is dead as a direct result of the force used against him by police – for allegedly doing something completely non-violent: selling single cigarettes without paying taxes. The use of force was unnecessary. And a lot of people see fit to blame the dead guy.

          1. Not once was any of the officers trying to kill him………..
            The force they used IS appropriate for someone resisting arrest. It’s meant to stop a threat as quick as possible. Yes resisting arrest is a threat.

            So you think that any criminal should just say I can’t breathe when a cop even thinks of arresting them, so they can run away. Smart logic.

            1. As I said, if the officer doesn’t know what to do safely, then they need training or another job.

              The officer should have taken the time to assess the breathing. There are medical procedures for this.

              Instead, the exact opposite method was applied. Instead of releasing pressure around the throat, increased pressure was applied and the officer may have been maliciously disrespectful of the medical possibilities.

            2. Actually the black female sergeant on the scene ordered the policemen to do the arrest, a few days after Mayor DeBlazio ordered a crackdown on the sale of individual cigarettes.

            3. You’re an idiot. The force has been determined to be excessive and illegal, thus the homicide ruling. There is nowhere for the racists to run and hide on this one. I got called a strawman on this Site, meaning I have no constitutional rights. I guest that’s the case for all Blacks on this forum.

            4. Actually, the “homicide” ruling from the coroner has NOTHING to do with ultimate legality or illegality. Coroner’s basically classify deaths into five large categories:
              1. Natural causes
              2. Accidents
              3. Suicides
              4. Homicides
              5. Undetermined

            5. The Coroner’s Report is clear. Homicide from being chocked to death by an illegal choke hold. Not
              asthma, not overweight, not anything other than an illegal and inhuman tactic by the Police.

            6. Exactly, the coroners have no legal background at all…
              Their “job” is to narrow the findings down to those categories, it’s SOMEONE ELSES job to determine the legality of the death.


              point out where the Coronor/Medical examiner has the authority to discern if a police officer used excessive force…
              Oh wait, they have no legal authority…

            7. The on-site officer who ordered the arrest was a black female. She oversaw the arrest. It was all ordered as part of Mayor DeBlazio’s Nazi crackdown on cigarette sales. This type of police action is what the communist mayor of New York likes his policemen to be doing.

            8. “nazi crackdown”
              “communist mayor”

              Kent: please make up your mind which irrelevant social movement from 80 years ago you want to link this genuine grass-roots movement to. You DO realize that Nazis and Communists were on the OPPOSITE sides in the old days? And that neither has anything to do with anything in this case?

              Just checking…

            9. Backlash wrote: “Not once was any of the officers trying to kill him”

              Intent doesn’t matter. An American citizen is dead for no good reason.

              Backlash wrote: “The force they used IS appropriate for someone resisting arrest. It’s meant to stop a threat as quick as possible. Yes resisting arrest is a threat.”

              The supposed crime of resisting arrest is completely based on the assumption that the arrest is a legal one. Resisting an unlawful arrest is every citizen’s civic duty. Furthermore, the mere act of stepping away to avoid a physical assault is certainly not a “threat”. When a police officer attempting to make an arrest escalates the level of force, he is responsible for turning what was a peaceful confrontation into a threatening situation. The threat in this case isn’t the arrestee – it’s the misbehaving cop. It’s almost as if you want us to believe the police are somehow completely powerless to control their own actions.

              Backlash wrote: “So you think that any criminal should just say I can’t breathe when a cop even thinks of arresting them, so they can run away. Smart logic.”

              Nope. Never said that. Classic straw man fallacy:

            10. The arrest WAS legal… maybe you should read more. The thug escalated the incident.

              The second he brushed the Officer away… according to the LAW, he resisted.
              The thug BROKE the law. the initial arrest is completely irrelevant the SECOND he broke this NYC law.

              Straw man fallacy? LMFAO.
              Lets bet on how long it takes to hear someone claiming “i can’t breathe” during a videotaped arrest on the nightly news now.

              “The supposed crime of resisting arrest is completely based on the assumption that the arrest is a legal one.”

              THIS IS NOT FOR THE PERSON BEING ARRESTED TO DECIDE……. YOU do no get to decide if YOU should be arrested or not. COMPLY, then let the legal system decide. (That is the law, like it or not)

            11. Backlash blathered: “The thug escalated the incident.”

              Bullshit. More victim blaming. Recoiling from assault isn’t aggression. Accosting someone’s person and putting them in a choke hold is aggression. The police clearly escalated the level of violence – not the other way around.

              Backlash blathered: “The second he brushed the Officer away… according to the LAW, he resisted.”

              Resisting arrest isn’t sufficient reason to inflict unnecessary violence on someone to the extent that you cause their death.

              Backlash blathered: “Straw man fallacy? LMFAO.”

              Misrepresenting what others say to make your own silly points is lame. Laugh all you want; you just make yourself look more like the fool you are.

          1. So @His Shadow, when James Dimon and company stole over a trillion dollars from this country and brought it to it’s knees, that was called just doing business right? Where was the choke hold in those instances.

          2. Is it not against the law to Avoid the NYC taxes?

            Too many people these days think that it’s perfectly ok to break the law, no matter how big or small the infraction is…

            And then refuse to accept the consequences.

            If you disagree with a law, you really have 2 choices.
            1: Comply, follow the law as written.
            2: Disobey the law. In part or in full.

            Changing the law is totally different, you must do one of the two until it is. (*IF* it gets changed)

            1. Right – selling loosies?!?! Kill them all!!

              Seriously, there are some disturbing police state fascists wackos on this site. Where are all the damn libertarians that show up all the time? Oh right, those sick fucks believe liberty is only for white people.

      1. At 6:35-6:50 p.m.? Bullshit. Even in workaholic NYC the majority of 9-5 workers would’ve been long gone from the office by that time on a Friday night.

        And for damn sure you’re not referring to people working minimum wage jobs when you say “the rest of us”.

    2. I just watched the video. In ANY civilised country, those cops would have to hand in badge, guns and diplomas. Whatever this giant had done, at the time of the arrest he was just standing there complaining how he is tired of always being harassed. My wife is a lot smaller than these cops and she deals with people as large as this man in a mental hospital and boy are they scarier than this person. He sold cigarettes illegally? Seriously? So if this is what happens when you sell cigarettes, I would hate to see what they do when you steal a purse…..
      People, if you believe that the police did the right thing, you must take a short break and think. For yourself. With your own brain. Not with all the hatred and the opinions of all the others, just look at what happens and reach a conclusion for yourself.
      I am not saying this could not have been an accident, but the truth is the outcome and the outcome is the truth.

    1. Someone needs reminding that public protests are to be done on public property. Just because Apple offers a high visibility venue does not make it appropriate, right or FAIR for use by these protesters. This is the problem I have. Not with the cause, not with the message (even though I think they are protesting the wrong issue). Rather, it is the disregard and lack of any consideration to the general public that they are attempting to influence. They use criminal (yes, criminal) activities seemingly without anything other than selfish, narcissistic thinking.

  1. I felt terrible with what happened to Mr. Garner and understand people protesting and the right to do so.. However, I do not condone people going into an Apple Store or any store supposedly trying to make a point. Apple did not kill Mr. Garner, nor did the small business owners kill Michael Brown. Why didn’t they just go to Central Park rather than disrupting traffic and ordinary citizens trying to make their way around the city?

      1. It WAS a peaceful protest. And why go into the Apple store? Because that’s where the people are. Same with Grand Central Terminal. Same as a busy intersection.

        These are near-perfect protests. Limited. Impactful. Peaceful. Noteworthy.

        1. Actually, holding a “protest” on private property YOU DO NOT OWN…. Like invading a business and protesting inside… is illegal.

          Read NYC law on protests, involves more than 20 people? Need a permit.
          Amplified message? permit needed.
          Protesting INSIDE a business? No permit needed, it’s 100% illegal.

          Your examples, all illegal.
          Protests are only legal in public places, Grand central requires a permit. Intersection… permit.

        2. “That’s where the people are.”

          Hey clueless, do you understand private property RIGHTS? Do you understand INVASIVE? Do you understand OCCUPY? Do you understand HOSTAGE?

          So you are saying anyone with a self-proclaimed RIGHTEOUS CAUSE can peacefully protest where the people are.

          OK, the people are in church on Sundays, malls, sports games, concerts, funerals, college, fairs, beaches, ad infinitum.

          So in your warped thinking a righteous crowd can invade and occupy any space not their own, upset people, obstruct personal activities and commerce — you admire that?!?

          1. Hey, genius, do you really believe property rights trump the right to LIFE?!?!
            It’s pretty clear that there are a LOT of citizens who are OK with the police murdering people of color and not even face trial. These protests are the people who DO care saying, “You don’t get to go about your business and ignore the problem. You are complicit in MURDER, so we’re going to get in your face. If you aren’t helping stop state-sanctioned murder, you are part of the problem!”

            No Justice, No Business As Usual.

            1. Hey stupid, do you really believe protestor rights trump private property rights, freedom of commerce and personal protection ?!?!

              I read complicit murder crap accusations are not in my post and only prove how brainless and out of touch with reality you are.

              Here is my anthem: No brains, thee will not survive.

    1. They did. They have been. Over and over and over, in multiple cities around the country.

      Limited protests in highly visible locations are extensions of protests outside police stations, civic centers and courthouses.

      1. Because you have no shame and no brain, allow me to enlighten you.

        The so called extension protest is ILLEGAL. Every Apple protestor should be in jail.

        GOT IT?!? Anything sinking in yet?

  2. Apple Corporation had nothing to do with this tragic case. These protesters were on private property. For the safety of the Apple employees and legitimate Apple customers they should have never been there.

  3. I hate to “Apple should…” but…

    This could be bad for Apple in the future if the store becomes an attraction for future protests/riots. Especially that store with the traffic flow.

    They should be alerted to situations like this and hire extra security, close and lock the doors if necessary, shut down WiFi if too late, etc…

    1. Presumably, Mike is referring to the protestors, but that is not clear. Mike might be referring to the police or the victims.

      The point the protestors are making is that the police need to take a massive chill pill during arrests and that abuse by certain law enforcement personnel needs to be clearly identified and prosecuted as the law allows.

      Vague ranting is counterproductive, which is to say in effect, not the high road.

      1. Mike did not have to spell it out. It is crystal clear he was referring to the protestors. We don’t need an elitist lawyer exploiting technicalities to come to an understanding.

    1. Yes, that is a perfectly responsible response. Where did society go wrong to defend an irresponsible response?

      Answer: Lefty causes and the PC Media radar that carries the torch and broadcasts IRRESPONSIBLE RIGHTS all over the world.

  4. So this is how this nation descends in to chaos and falls apart. Ignorant morons with no sense of or reverence for the rule of law protest when a grand jury fails to indict someone. How many of these protesters know all of the facts? It’s the same bullshit that happened in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision. The media and the race baiters in the Obama administration have stirred these people up in order to push their own agenda. Democracy alone and mob rule cannot protect freedom. Only the law can do that and only the law can bring justice. An informed populace and a responsible news media are what we need here.

    1. So much hate in the world. Sad to watch America’s Beacon of Hope being extinguished by division and paranoia.

      As a Canadian, I’d like to take the usual stance, put my nose in the air in polite disdain of “you Americans”, but I can’t. The same tactics of division and fear are everywhere now. We all share some blame when the human rights of anyone are trampled, whether it’s a tribesman in the Hindu Kush or a gangbanger in Brooklyn.

      And Mr. Isaacks has hit the nail on the head- only an informed populace and responsible news media could move us from a strategy for world domination to a strategy for world peace. Unfortunately, that’s become the new Catch-22 – If we knew what was really going on, we could have responsible journalism, and if we had responsible journalism, we’d know what was really going on. We have neither, and no path to get there. It is no ones fault but our own.

      More on point, these demonstrators have a right to protest, and are right to hold the New York City ordinances against lawful assembly in civil disobedience, but they are wrong to trespass on anyone’s property for any reason.

      On the grand jury desision – A grand jury failed to indict, so no crime has occurred? Two people are dead, no one has been charged, justice is not done or, more importantly, seen to be done. I would venture that something may be broken in the justice system – cops investigating cops?

      This isn’t a race issue, and making it one is simply creating a bigger division where unity is called for. Yes, it could all be solved by an active, engaged and informed public – but the Overlords have seen what men can accomplish when they pull together and want none of it, so they confuse our discourse, control our media and artificially divide us along racial, political, religious, and nationalist lines.

      I still see a flicker in the Beacon of Hope, but the slightest breeze at this point will, I’m afraid, extinguish it quite easily, without notice, without protest, and at this point, not much worse effect.

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