Apple’s HealthKit seeing early adoptions by large healthcare institutions

“Large healthcare institutions, such as Duke Medicine and Ochsner Health System have started adopting Apple’s HealthKit,” BB Research writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Apple’s HealthKit is seeing early adoptions with Duke Medicine and Ochsner Health System having integrated their EHR (electronic health records) systems with HealthKit. This is huge success for Apple in mHealth,” BB Research writes. “Duke Medicine’s director of mobile technology strategy Ricky Bloomfield, MD, said that it has integrated its Epic MyChart EHR with HealthKit to better track patients outside of office encounters. The New Orleans-based Ochsner Health System suggests patients to record health-related information, such as blood pressure data, diet, and exercise and weight loss. Its chief clinical transformation officer Richard Milani, MD, said, ‘The integration of Apple’s HealthKit with our EHR affords patients new opportunities to better integrate their lifestyles with healthcare providers.'”

“According to Bloomfield, HealthKit will help patients choose whether they want to share data, as well as which information and with whom, as we said. The scope of mHealth is increasing every day with doctors prescribing apps to patients, in addition to medicines,” BB Research writes. “HealthKit will enable doctors to make informed treatment decisions in cooperation with patients. ‘When you think about it, patients spend far more time at home than they do in the clinic or hospital, yet those are the times we collect the vast majority of vital information from them,’ Bloomfield said. ‘So it’s important that we know how they’re doing at home as well as during their routine checkups.'”

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      1. What I meant was not the database, but whatever monitoring tools that it uses. Granted, there probably isn’t too much out yet, like the watch, etc. so I guess that comment was a little premature.

  1. Been having issues with my Health app since 8.1.1. Wiped out all my data and now doesn’t sync with any of my health apps. Dashboard now resets and alsways defaults to showing steps, walking + running, and flights climbed.

    1. All my info was lost as well. I put in the sources again and the info was lost again. If I try to move between Dashboard and Health Data the app locks up. Wasn’t the Health app delivered as beta? I’ll stick with Withings for the foreseeable future.

  2. I’d like to see a stable set of good, trustable apps to feed the database. Like a lot of areas, discovery seems to be the challenge, then figuring out how Apples instruction-free (even hint-free) apps are supposed to work. It’s a long way from a scripted display for Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake voice-overs to real world usability.

  3. Look folks, I feel your pain about wiped health data. But if perma-smirked Federighi can’t do an established function like IMAP email, why would anyone trust their medical records with this company. Obviously, Tim Cook could care less.

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