Data points to ginormous Christmas quarter for Apple

“Kantar Worldpanel released its smartphone market share data for the three months ending in October, projecting that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) would have a record fiscal Q1 [calendar Q414],” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Because of the timing of Kantar’s data, you might argue that it exaggerates the impact of iPhone 6, which saw a big sales spike after its September unveiling. I agree that there was a spike, but Kantar’s data also includes August and September, when iPhone sales were in the doldrums in anticipation of the new iPhone roll-out,” Hibben writes. “Given that iPhone 6 sales have continued to be supply constrained, I feel it’s safe to assume that Kantar’s data is representative of December quarter performance.”

“Even with what I believe are very conservative assumptions, Apple’s iPhone 6 has enormous impact on revenue, posting a 32% jump in iPhone sales revenue, due to overall growth in the market, market share growth and ASP growth,” Hibben writes. “iPhone unit sales grow 22.9% year-over-year to 62.7 million units. Overall corporate revenue grows by 18.3% year-over-year to $65 billion.”

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      1. While we’re at it…
        “I feel it’s safe to assume”

        No you don’t. You may feel happy about it – or excited – or interested, but you THINK ‘it’s safe to assume’.

        The use of “feel” in an attempt to give greater weight to an opinion is rather pathetic, but, unfortunately, is SO widespread.

        “I feel you’re dissing me.”
        “You mean ‘think’.”
        “See. There you go again!”

        While “correct” grammar certainly changes over time, I’m glad that some people don’t completely LOOSE their desire for clarity.

    1. Data can be treated as singular or plural. OS X’s Dictionary App backs me up here. It might be related to the singular form “datum” falling out of common use a long time ago.

      Insisting data has to be treated as plural is one of those common grammar fallacies, which you keep hearing about but aren’t true. Like saying you can’t end a sentence with a preposition; which you can do if you want to.

  1. I did my part buying an iPhone 6 Plus for myself, a 15″ MBP/2.5Ghz quad/16Gb/512Gb (what a $$$ saving deal from B&H!) for my 14 year old grandson (just a little overkill I know but should last a long time) and an iPad Air 2 Gold 64Gb for my wife.

    Would have bought some Beats Bluetooth headphones but at $380 and mediocre reviews I went with the white Bose Soundlink Bluetooth headphones at $250 for my 16 year old granddaughter. Not as trendy but sound better, have more features and work better.

    I have a basic anathema to Beats headphones anyway. Great sound is the thing or it ain’t got that swing.

    1. Got my 6 Plus 64GB last week and my wife’s 6 64GB is due on Monday. I just got the Beats Solo2 wired phones yesterday ($160 on eBay) and am listening through them right now on my Macbook Pro. It appears Apple has toned down the bass on this model and they really aren’t bad. They sound pretty decent on my 6 Plus also.

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