Chinese smartphone maker claims Apple designer Jony Ive copied iPhone 6 design

“Few have probably heard about Digione, but one of the Chinese company’s latest products looks quite similar to the iPhone 6, and could potentially spark a patent dispute with Apple,” Michael Kan reports for Macworld. “The little-known Chinese smartphone maker revealed Monday it sent a letter to Apple in September, claiming that the iPhone 6 may infringe on a company-registered patent.”

“The patent in question covers a mobile phone design that features an exterior look very similar to the iPhone 6’s,” Kan reports. “Digione’s subsidiary applied for the patent in January and the company was granted the patent in July, according to China’s State Intellectual Property Office.”

Kan reports, “Unlike the iPhone 6, which starts at 5288 yuan (US$863) in China, Digione’s own smartphone under the 100+ brand is targeting the low end, with a starting price at 799 yuan.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, Jony, why’d ya do it?! 😉

This is a marketing ploy – and a very fishy one at that.

Apple iPhone 6 (left) vs. Digione 100+iPhone 6 knockoff  (right)
Apple iPhone 6 (left) vs. Digione 100+iPhone 6 knockoff (right)

The letter Digione’s lawyers sent to Apple:
Chinese patent letter regarding iPhone 6

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Yeah I’m sure Jonny Ives spends all his time looking for obscure Chinese phone brands to copy instead of the huge in-house R&D resources and resourcefulness of Apple and his own design talents. Thou flatters thyself too much.

  2. It’s not a marketing ploy…

    It’s the rampant corruption of China and the judiciary. I’m sure that iPhone housings leaked well before the june/july patent filling date. This is a case of quick follower (stealer) copying an apple design before it’s been released (through rumour) and then extorting blockage of the phone in a very large and important market to Apple. Namely China.

    The Government, Regulatory & Judiciary quietly go along for the ride, because they can and the system is corrupt. The whole country attempts to extort foreign companies for the privilege of operating there, and they know they can do it.

    1. They’ll be sorry when Apple replaces ALL their overseas manufacturing jobs with US robots. That’s how Apple needs to spend its cash hoard. Stop relying on other parties, especially companies that obviously don’t give a fuck about privacy of unreleased products.

    2. Worth noting that the article says the patent request was filed in January, not June/July. I don’t recall when the first housing rumors began, but I don’t think it was quite that early.

      1. Yes, you are correct. It is worth noting.

        The patent was approved July 9th, 2014 (filed Jan 13th, 2014)

        …but the casing was already making the rumour rounds in February, and could have been directly leaked to friendly compatriots earlier than that since schematics would have been available and top dollar would have been paid for the chance to exert extortion.

        Chinese manufacturers and members of the ruling communist party love to steal, extort, and rubber stamp their activities if it means they can make $$$

  3. What bunch of malarky, B.S.! Look at the edges of the iPhone versus the piece of crap Android. Not even close to the same design. Inside is totally different and the controls are totally different. Go pedal your B.S. somewhere else! The only similarity is the curved shape. Not an infringement at all since there are many model phones from China and elsewhere already with that same shape and size.

    1. I guess they can now use the same argument Apple lawyers used against Samsung and ask Apple lawyers this time round. Basically can the layperson standing a few feet away tell the difference between the devices?

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