Microsoft, Yahoo vie to become Apple Safari’s default search option

“Google Maps and YouTube are no longer bundled as default apps on iPhones and iPads, but there’s one big place on Apple’s devices where Google is still the default option: the Safari search bar,” Andrew Cunningham reports for Ars Technica. “Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo (also Bing-powered), and the privacy-minded DuckDuckGo are all included as options, but Google has been the default for as long as iPhones have existed.”

“That may change next year according to a report from The Information,” Cunningham reports. “Apple and Google’s search agreement is reportedly set to expire [in 2015], and both Microsoft and Yahoo are already said to be talking with Apple Internet Software and Services SVP Eddy Cue about becoming Safari’s default search option.”

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      1. Sadly though I use it on my iPad it is sorely limited in both content and presentation and I find myself having to go to google search page to get what I want. This is particularly so with image search where I find it almost unusable. Would need to improve radically to be a real replacement, especially should Apple buy it and present it as an alternative, it could be Maps all over again in user perception. If they could fundamentally improve its design and capabilities then that would be a totally different matter but not clear how quick or easy that would be.

    1. Search engines are more than simple text searches looking for exact matches. They need to look for near matches as well, and additionally know something about your location, previous searches, and the like to return most relevant results to you. This is the technology that made Google’s search engine great, and sadly, no third party search engines have yet risen to that level. Apple could grow this technology, or buy it, I suppose, but it would take a while to create a competitive product. Until then, I’ll be sticking with Google. Results matter more than politics to me in this area.

  1. When the contract expires Apple should do what’s best for the customer, include a pull down menu right in the search box so we can easily go back and forth and try all the top search engines out.

    I know there’s always money to be made by limiting choice, but the easy access menu would be best for the customer.

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