Universal picks up ‘Steve Jobs’ biopic from Sony for over $30 million; Fassbender to star

“Less than a week after Sony Pictures put the high-profile Steve Jobs movie into turnaround, Universal Pictures has stepped up and adopted the project,” Gregg Kilday reports for The Hollywood Reporter.

“A deal has been reached to bring the film about the Apple co-founder — which Danny Boyle is to direct from a script by Aaron Sorkin — to Universal, a studio spokesman confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Monday,” Kilday reports. “According to sources, the project had been shopped with a price tag of more than $30 million.”

Kilday reports, “Michael Fassbender is attached to star in the film.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Danny Boyle and Michael Fassbender? Well if anyone could pull it off, they’re off to a heavyweight start.
      And given Steve’s mixed parentage, the main story’s likely centre…1997 onwards maybe, health struggles and all…he(Fassbender), isn’t that bad a fit.

    2. If Fassbender gets into the role and gets the hang of Steve Jobs’ speaking and gestures, I could see him pulling it off. But I’ve never run into anyone like Steve Jobs. So far, no one has gotten the hang of his personality in film or TV.

    1. A thought: Sony has lost the knack for being entrepreneurial. I’m going to hazard a guess this their current (Marketing-As-Management hell) executives don’t comprehend Steve Jobs or the point of portraying his life. Kinda sad. So long good old Sony.

      1. The decision was probably made by the number crunchers at LStar Capital (Lone Star Capital and CitiBank).

        Ironically Sony’s CE business, hurt by losing to Apple, resulted in the entertainment division being forced to clear their movie slate from pretty much everything not-Spiderman including the Jobs biopic.

        So it was either sell it for $30 million or tie the project into a Spiderman cross-over.

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