HandBrake video transcoder v0.10 released with hundreds of new features

“The developers of Handbrake just announced the 0.10 update to their extremely popular and useful open source video transcoding product,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“Originally focused on ripping DVDs, the product now can be used for transcribing many different types of files/codecs to almost any other,” Weintraub reports. “Today’s headliner updates include H.265 and VP8 encoding.”

Weintraub reports, “There are literally hundreds of other improvements…”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Should have checked first. VLC actually DOES play back H.265. Now I’ve just got to wait for a DLNA set-top that will manage. FWIW, I ran an hour of HD content through Handbrake–one pass with H.264 and another with H.265, identical quality settings. The H.265 was half the size. Impressive.

  1. “0.10”? Seriously? That annoys me so much. After a certain amount of time, refusing to make the jump and call your product 1.0 is less cautiousness and more cowardice.

    How long has been HandBrake been out? I’ve certainly lost track of the years. How many people rely on this software regularly? It’s saved my butt more than once. And still they don’t have the balls to call it “1.0”? What are they afraid of?

    This is ridiculous. HandBrake is not beta software in any respect that matters. Just go to 1.0. What, are you going to stay beta forever?


      1. So, I guess open source software can never be version 1.0, then? Someone needs to explain that to Linux.

        By the way, downvoters, you all apparently missed the part where I said I use the software myself. Apparently, unless you agree with everything the authors do, you’re a hater.


  2. Still doesn’t support video pass-thru for remuxing. Sigh. That’s the one feature that stops Handbrake from being nearly perfect.

    For those who don’t know, remuxing is for when you just want to change the container of a file. For example, I have an H.264 encoded video inside of an MKV container. I want to put the video on my iPhone, which supports H.264 but not MKV. I can remux it to an MP4 container without having to re-encode the video. Because nothing is being encoded, remuxing takes only seconds to complete.

    1. It’s a video encoding program, so I’m okay with it just doing that. Many other programs can change video containers. I would do it in one Terminal command with ffmpeg.

    2. I agree.. Seems silly to have an MKV with H264 encoding and having to re-encode it just so I can play it on my iPhone or Apple TV.. This would be a nice feature and I would hope, not too hard to implement… Otherwise, I love Handbrake…

  3. Is there a layman’s guide to Handbrake for those of us that don’t understand all the technical stuff. For example, I have a cheap DVR that records over the air broadcasts onto a hard drive. It simply records the digital broadcast data and does not compress or do anything to it. I want to convert it to a form that I can put on a memory stick and bring to a friend’s house so we can both watch together. That’s hard to figure out.

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