OS X 10.10.2 brings Safari 8.0.2, Mail 8.2 updates

“On Monday, Apple shipped OS X 10.10.1 and, now, they’re asking outside devs to begin testing a new incremental Yosemite update,” FairerPlatform reports. “OS X 10.10.2 14C68K is now available via the Mac App Store’s software update pane (Command + 5) and it brings app updates, as well as the usual bug fixes (we think).”

“An informed source adds that the seed note does offer this warning — “’Opening documents from iCloud Drive might fail. Move files out of iCloud Drive to open them,'” FairerPlatform reports. “OS X 10.10.2 brings updated versions of Apple’s default web browser and mail clients — Safari 8.0.2 and Mail 8.2. However, what if anything is new in these apps isn’t publicly known at this time.”

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    1. Mail 7.3 with 10.9.5 will not sync new mail unless I take all account offline, then bring back online. Mavericks mail is even worse than on Mtn Lion. Email works on iPhone, so it’s not the email servers, etc.. Cannot move to Yosemite due to compatibility issues.

  1. For those following various blogs, you know that the “junk mail” filter in mail no longer works. This was confirmed by a technician at Apple. I’m one among many who continues to receive the same stupid junk mails over and over again. I suppose that if the junk mail isn’t addressed, I may find myself forwarding each and every piece of junk mail to Apple and its chief software engineers and Tim Cook. Apparently quality software that “just works” no longer exists at Apple. And I love the new Trash Can, which looks like a drop of bird plop ~ white and indistinguishable.

      1. Jonathan, thanks for the advice. However, I’ve been using this technique since Apple first implemented it. Sorry, but it doesn’t work. Several blogs have documented this, together with an admission from a tech at Apple that the “junk” mail option is broken. I use the automatically delete junk mail option under Perform Custom Options: It no longer deletes “junk” mail. Since updating to Yosemite, I’ve received one junk mail from a particular source five times. Guess what? I have to manually delete it! If yours works, great; but for some of us, it’s simply broken!

  2. I don’t recall a time in Mac history when more things didn’t “just work” than is the case now. Steve would never had let this happen. Exactly what is it that Tim Cook does? He was a good bookkeeper but is a failure as a CEO.

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