Google launches ‘Contributor’ ad-free net experiment

“Google has unveiled a project that offers web users the option to pay to visit sites rather than see adverts,” BBC News reports.

“Dubbed Contributor, website creators choose a monthly subscription fee of between $1 to $3,” The Beeb reports. “When users who have paid their subscriptions visit the site they will see pixelated patterns replacing the adverts. It has so far signed up a handful of websites, including ScienceDaily and Urban Dictionary, to test the system.”

“A portion of the money goes to Google and a portion to the website,” The Beeb reports. “A service called Readability tried something similar to Contributor but shut down in 2012.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. The first word in the story is warning enough. “Google”.

    Then, swallow your bile and keep reading to find out what they are up to next. Historically, you know what that is.

  2. This is so stupid… Trying to “premiumize” the web. Oooooohhh I will pay $3 to visit Wikipedia, with no adds… Or how about this, $3 to blur out all the crap on MDN’s website. Worst bunch of ugly faces I ever seen.

    Nah, not worth my time. Just ignore it all. I just wonder how Adblade injects all their junk on rather reputable web sites that have their own ads.

  3. just more proof that Google doesn’t understand its customer base.
    Since google search became “pay your way to the top”, no one uses Google products because they’re good products. They use them because they’re free.

    Glimmerblocker is the best ad block and little snitch is the best google blocker.

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